7 Hairstyles to Try This Summer ...


7 Hairstyles to Try This Summer ...
7 Hairstyles to Try This Summer ...

Summer is such a great time to experiment with hairstyles, isn't it? Guest contributor Kay shares some lovely hairstyles that you can welcome the summer with. Yay!

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Fish Tail Braid

Fish Tail Braid Need I say more? No matter if you like it messy, neat, straight to the back or hanging around your shoulder, the fish tail braid is adorable, particularly for the summer. It's also appropriate from the beach to the mall, and works well with almost all hair types and textures. Not sure how to fish tail braid? Check out youtube, which has a number of easy step by step tutorials.


High Bun

High Bun This is absolutely my favorite hairstyle for the summer. No matter what city you're in, you're likely to encounter a heat wave at some point this summer. This style is not only chic, but weather effective, as it keeps your hair off your shoulders and tame. What makes this hairstyle my favorite is it's ability to look good with practically any outfit, from casual to formal. Moreover, you can pair your bun with a cute headband or flower to add a little something extra.



Curly If your city is high on humidity, the naturally curly look is always a go-to style to avoid the annoyance of straightening your hair, only for it to curl back up immediately. Even if your hair isn't naturally curly, hair tools like a curling wand or curl formers can assist you in getting the curly look you desire.


Short Cuts

Short Cuts If you're used to wearing your hair long in the cold winter months, there's nothing like starting anew with a cute cut for the summer. There are a variety of short styles out there, with bobs being my personal favorite. Don't be afraid to let go of your long mane and try something new for the summer. If you're weary about parting ways with your actual hair, try braiding your real hair up and wearing hair extensions cut into a short-do.



Braids The "Poetic Justice" braids, named after the 1993 film starring Janet Jackson sporting those very braids, have made a come back in the best way over the past couple of years. Give your hair a break from it's usual everyday hassles (heat, hairspray, etc.) and braid your hair into one of the many available styles out there.



Highlights Summer time is the best time to experiment with different highlights that bring out your newly sunkissed skin. Whether you do it at home yourself or go to the professionals, a little color is certain to brighten up your look and put you in the summer mood.


However You Usually DON'T Wear It

However You Usually DON'T Wear It If you usually wear your hair curly, try straightening it out. If you're always stressing your hair out with pony tails, try giving it a rest. If you generally don't care for layers, give layers a shot. For me personally, I have the worst habit of sticking with the same hairstyle year after year. Don't be a bore like me! Change it up and let loose! After all, it IS the summer. :-)

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I went from really long hair to the cute short cut you have in the pictures for the summer. I absolutely love it. I always look at it like your hair will always grow back if you don't like it.

I just can't think about having a short hair cut.

"Lillith Moon" <- try her on YouTube

I've just tried the bun look and added a Little bow I have to wear my hair up for work and this looks great !

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