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If you thought that a good therapist can never be replaced I am here to tell you how vintage hairstyles can save you a week’s copay. Jim Morrison once famously said «Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts». Yes, even men know the impact of a good (or bad) hairdo! I know I’m not alone when I say that a bad hair day will plummet my self-confidence from a ten to a zero before I even leave the house. My entire body will let me know that my hair is a mess: my shoulders will drop, and my otherwise flat stomach will suddenly look like I just ate a burger. When that happens I do what any sane woman does: I call my hairstylist and request an emergency appointment which, coincidentally, is where you will find me this weekend. These days I’m feeling retro so I’m considering vintage hairstyles. I love them all so help me filter through them:

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MARQUISE DE POMPADOUR One of the most popular vintage hairstyles ever just landed back on today’s fashion radar. Mais oui, we’re bringing back the Pompadour! While made famous by the Marquise de Pompadour in the early 1700s this hairstyle has transcended several centuries and is making its mark again. The concept of the Pompadour is sweeping your hair upwards from the face and high over the forehead, while sometimes the hair is upswept around the sides and back. The modern version of the Pompadour, aka the fauxhawk, creates a fierce yet highly fashionable look which is why the fashion industry loves it so much. Miley Cyrus, Jenny McCarthy and Pink are just a few of today’s celebrities sporting the Pompadour.



GOOD OL’ BOB While a polarizing hairstyle, I have always loved the bob! If the bob could talk it would scream from the top of its bangs: Dare to mess with me; I am confident, strong, and independent! That’s probably why in the early 1920s it was seen as a shocking statement of independence in young women. Young ladies of the time threw away their long dresses and heavy Edwardian-style hair and formed lines outside barber shops asking the male barbers to cut their long hair. The bob was famously brought back by Katie Holmes a few years ago and we’ve seen quite a few modern variations since, like Victoria Beckham’s sassy bob.



FINGER WAVING By the late 1920s the sharp lines of the infamous bob were being replaced by softer, more feminine waves. Finger waving was embraced by those who could not pull off the shoulder length and rigid lines of the bob. This hairstyle involves molding the wet hair between your fingers and combing your hair in alternating directions to make a wave shape. When dried without being disturbed the waves become beautiful deep waves. Needless to say hairspray should be your best friend if you’re considering this hairstyle! If you have a soft, sweet face structure like Kate Bosworth this is definitely for you.




It is said that the victory rolls got their name from the World War II fighter planes which created an exhaust roll that remained in the sky after leaving the area. One can’t accuse women in the 1940s of lacking creativity! But this style was also practical during wartime when women started working and had to keep their hair off of their faces. Just think of the beautiful Kate Beckinsale in the Pearl Harbor movie. So pretty! And you can always soften it up a bit by adding a flower behind your ear.


The Victory Rolls hairstyle is a classic vintage look that has been around since the 1940s. It was popularized during World War II when women had to keep their hair out of their faces while working. The style got its name from the exhaust rolls left behind by fighter planes. It can be seen in the movie Pearl Harbor, where Kate Beckinsale looks stunning with her Victory Rolls. The look can be updated for modern times by adding a flower or other accessory behind the ear. The Victory Rolls hairstyle is a timeless classic that can be worn for any occasion, from a night out to a formal event. It's a great way to show off your vintage style without looking outdated.



The PIXIE Definitely not every man’s favorite hairstyle for a woman but the 1960s pixie has managed to survive quite a few decades and is still the best choice for some of us. Michelle Williams has been sporting the pixie for years now admitting that she has cut her hair short for the only straight man that ever loved short hair in women, Heath Ledger. However, I beg to differ: I don’t know one straight man on this planet who didn’t love Halle Berry with short hair! Sharon Stone is another one that can really puff off a pixie. But caution should be used when deciding to try it; the pixie draws a very thin line between beautiful and butch so I would say definitely try a pixie wig first!



1960s BEDROOM HAIR Let’s face it, we all want sexy, sultry, I-just-rolled-out-of-bed sexpot locks like Brigitte Bardot. Brigitte’s hairstyle is still considered one of the sexiest styles of all times and is all about volume. If you have it naturally that’s awesome! You don’t? Then invest in good volumizing hair products, a large barrel curling iron and Velcro curlers. Apply the voluminzer to your damp roots, flip your head over and blow dry your hair until almost dry. Then use the curling iron for extra movement and finish off with Velcro rollers. It’s easier said than done but practice makes perfect so start practicing, ladies! Men love bed hair; they really, really do!


The FARAH-do

The FARAH-do Talk about an international hair trendsetter! With just a flip of her hair Farrah Fawcett managed to make the otherwise masculine-looking fashion of the 1970s look really sexy! Her gorgeous golden curls brought a refreshing change to the shag, Afro and bouffant styles that had been popular for almost a decade. The Farah-do is another hairstyle that requires a lot of hairspray but the trick is finding the right one: strong enough to hold your curls in place but not too stiff to prevent movement. Once you have that, use a large barrel curling iron in one inch sections away from the face to achieve a modern interpretation the original Farah-do. Remember to blow-dry the bangs using a flat brush for smoothness!

See what I mean when I say I love them all? They are all amazing but I need to figure out which one is best suited for me. I have long hair with tons of natural volume so I think the Pompadour and the Farah-do would work best for me. And with either one of these I can easily switch to the bedroom hair on the weekends to drive my fiancé mad with passion! What about you, ladies, which one would you pick for yourself this summer?

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Love it and I will definitely try more of these styles. Thank you

I love the victory rolls!

I love the victory rolls

I rocked victory rolls the other day with a bandana. I looked great. What fun!

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