7 Time-Saving, Heatless Hairstyles You Can Pull off with a Single Wash ...

Heatless hairstyles are a lifesaver in summer and something you should most definitely take advantage of in case you’re trying to reduce hair damage! But did you know that your quick hairstyle is more than a quick fix for a day? But let me demonstrate by using one of my favorite time saving heatless hairstyles, headband curls, as an example. You can get the most of it too and here’s how to do it:

1. Retro Headband Updo

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One of the most popular heatless hairstyles ever, headband curls, can look pretty awesome even before it’s done! Use a pretty headband instead of a plain one, section your still damp hair carefully, smooth it down using a styling product of choice then wind each section precisely. The result will be a clean, vintage-looking updo you can wear out while waiting for your curls to form.

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