7 Stylish Fake Short Hairstyles That Don't Involve Cutting an Inch ...

Fake short hairstyles are absolutely adorable, plus they're a must for those of you who have longer locks and a fear about chopping them. The urge to play around with your hair is a common one, but while you might dream of a gorgeous bob or a cute crop, the reality of doing so is kind of scary. If you're dying for a short look but don't want the commitment that comes with actually cutting your hair, just fake it until you make it with these stylish but fake short hairstyles!

1. Pin It to Win It

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A lot of fake short hairstyles are easily achieved by pinning, as you will see. Not all pins are created equally, however, and this method involves simply pinning your hair any way you see fit. You may decide to take the very ends and pin them so it looks like they're curling under, or perhaps you'd like to pin your hair all over to create the illusion of an incredibly short crop. It's all up to you!

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