7 Windy and Rainy Day Hairstyles That Are Simply Perfect ...


7 Windy and Rainy Day Hairstyles That Are Simply Perfect ...
7 Windy and Rainy Day Hairstyles That Are Simply Perfect ...

Girls, we all know those days where we just don’t know what to do with our hair, so here is a list of rainy day hairstyles. Whether you’re going to work or just running around doing errands, these will work for every occasion. The styles are easy, and great to keep in your back pocket even just for those lazy days! Here are some rainy day hairstyles that I use all the time.

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Top Bun

This is one of the greatest go-to rainy day hairstyles. Grab that hair and pull it on the top of your head into a cute little bun. The great thing about this is that you can make it as messy or clean as you want. This will keep your hair from frizzing up and keep it from getting that huge look. If you have bangs, this is a great way to pin them back.


A top bun is a great go-to hairstyle for windy and rainy days. It's easy to create and can be as messy or neat as you like. The top bun is great for keeping your hair from frizzing up and getting too big. It's also a great way to keep bangs out of your face.

To create the top bun, start by gathering your hair on the top of your head. You can use a brush or comb to help. Secure the bun with an elastic or a hair tie. If you want a messier look, you can pull out some pieces around the face and add texture with a product like hairspray or mousse. You can also use bobby pins to secure the bun and add a bit of extra hold.

The top bun is a versatile style that can be dressed up or down. You can pair it with a dress for a special occasion or wear it with a casual outfit. It's also a great way to keep your hair out of your face when you're running errands or doing outdoor activities.

The top bun is a great hairstyle for windy and rainy days. It's easy to create, looks stylish, and keeps your hair out of your face.


Fishtail Braid

This is definitely my go-to hairstyle on those rainy fall days that I love but hate. It’s still stylish yet practical for work or play. It takes two seconds to do, and can be done when your hair is still wet. Spray some hairspray on before braiding to help keep the fly away from happening.


The fishtail braid is not only chic, but it also wonderfully withstands the moisture in the air. If you're feeling extra crafty, you can pull it to the side for a playful look. For those with unruly hair, this braid is a savior - it tames the locks without needing much effort. Plus, it transitions effortlessly from a casual coffee run to a sophisticated dinner date at the drop of a hat. Remember to tuck in any loose strands with a bobby pin and you're golden, even as the wind howls and the rain pours.


Braided Crown

Along the same braid category, this is great if your hair fuzzes up with the rain. Keep all your hair in one place on the top of your head with this unique look. Split your hair into two, braid those pieces and wrap each around the crown of your head. Pin in for support and you are ready to go! That simple.


Half Clip

This is my go-to look when I’m too lazy to do anything, but works great on those rainy days. All you need is a small clip, then you just grab half the top of your hair, and clip. On those simple days out when you have to brave the wind and rain, this is a great way to keep the hair away from your face.


Messy Pony

Puff up the back a tad and make it a bit messy by teasing it. You can make this look laid back but you can also make it look dressy. Help by pinning back the sides as well so that the loose pieces don’t fly out if you have layers.


Brave the Curl

If you have curly hair, don’t even think about straightening it. Put away that heavy cream and just live it out. Even if you have straight hair, put some oil in it to make it a tad heavier, and it shouldn’t frizz out. Don’t bother straightening it or trying to make it curl, this is the time you need to accept your hair for your hair.


Embrace the whimsy of naturally tousled locks when the wind picks up. It’s about rocking the au naturel look. Give your curls the freedom to bounce and swirl as they please. A smidge of serum or leave-in conditioner can help define them without weighing them down. For those with naturally straight hair, remember: a little texture can go a long way. Let the breeze be your stylist and allow your strands to dance in sync with the elements. Just be you, because your natural beauty is what truly shines on these blustery days.


Throw on a Hat

Ok, this may not be a hairstyle, but this is a great way to brave the rain. You can throw this on top of the side braid and even the messy pony. Whether it’s a ball cap (there are tons of cute leather ones out now!) or a toque, this is a great look for fall.

To help keep those crazy loose hairs from getting huge and flying away, tame them. What is your fave way to keep your hair chic while it pours rain outside? My personal fave is the side pony with a toque!

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I love them

What about short hair? I\'ve got a bobline and whenever it\'s windy or rainy, my hair turns into some sort of wings

I love all of them! @Julia I agree with you!:)

Cute, comfortable hairstyles


Nice hairstyles

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