7 Ways to Style Your Bangs and Look Fabulous ...


7 Ways to Style Your Bangs and Look Fabulous ...
7 Ways to Style Your Bangs and Look Fabulous ...

Having bangs is a great way to add some style to your hair, yet perhaps you find yourself needing a little help coming up with new ways to style your bangs. I’ve got you covered! I had bangs for years and throughout the years learned all kinds of great ways to not only keep them tamed, but also keep them styled cute! Add some flair to your hair with these super simple ways to style your bangs. They’re simple, fun and incredibly helpful when you just have no idea what to do with your hair.

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Pin Them Back

Pin Them Back Here’s a trick that’s one of my favorite ways to style your bangs. Pin them back with some bobby pins to keep them out of your eyes, and yet still add a little style. You can even find cute bobby pins with gems and jewels to add some flair. These are great to carry in your purse for on the go use too. You can either pin your bangs to the side to create a feminine look, or pin them straight back and give yourself a little poof to add a bit of glam.


Straighten Them

Straighten Them Another way to style your bangs is to straighten them with your flat iron and then pin to the sides of your hair. This is one fashion trend that is really hot right now, and one that takes only minutes to achieve. Just be sure to use a styling cream first so your hair won't dry out or burn. It looks a little more formal and styled and can help keep your bangs out of your face.


Curl Them

Curl Them Though you don’t want to curl your bangs like people did in the '80s and '90s, you can still use a large barrel curling iron and give them a loose curl so they’re not stick straight and hanging in your eyes. Then they’ll at least look a bit more styled, even if you want to leave them down.


Clip Them Back

Clip Them Back Cute and stylish clips are all over stores, and if you’ve got bangs, it’s a perfect chance to take advantage of them. Put in a cute clip that matches your outfit and call your bangs styled and ready to go!


Add Some Leave-in

Add Some Leave-in Leave-in conditioner is a lifesaver for me since I have thick and coarse hair. If you’re like me and have bangs, I hope you’ll take advantage of leave-in conditioners too. Just before combing your bangs, give them a little spritz of leave-in. It can help remove the dryness and coarseness that make them look dry, drab and unstyled. It also tames frizz.


Get Them Cut

Get Them Cut Having your bangs trimmed can help with a little styling too. Have them trimmed preferably at slightly different angles, so they’re not a blunt cut. This will help add some dimension to help keep them from looking out of date.


Wear Them at an Angle

Wear Them at an Angle A new trend with styling your bangs is to wear them at an angle. Have your stylist cut one side slightly to the side so they naturally drape down to one side and flow into the other side of your hair, as if your bangs run right into your other hair on the sides of your face. This is a beautiful way to shape your face and really looks nice with your jawline too.

Do you have bangs? If so, share any styling tips you might have with us!

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I wish I didn't have such a big forehead. I love having ponytails, but it just doesn't work for me. Sometimes they drive me crazy, but they are not very popular, and I rarely see somebody with bangs.

I have bangs and we have a huge love/hate relationship. They drive me CRAZY, bit I can't be without them! Unfortunately I didn't find these tips very helpful. Most of them involved pinning them away so it doesn't seem like I have bangs...

I remembered when I had bangs I pinned it up and I couldn\'t recognize myself

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