11 Winter Hair Color Tips and Trends You've Gotta Read ...


11 Winter Hair Color Tips and Trends You've Gotta Read ...
11 Winter Hair Color Tips and Trends You've Gotta Read ...

Are you ready for some winter hair color trips and trends? I know, winter seems far away, but before you know it, you’ll be finishing up your last minute Christmas shopping and getting ready to find a sexy getup for New Year’s Eve. Don’t get caught unprepared! If you love staying on top of hair and beauty trends or you just want to see what’s new in the world of hair, get all the info you need below on winter hair color tips and trends.

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Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde When it comes to winter hair color tips and trends for 2013, everything old is new again! We can only dye our hair so many colors, right? First up in hot hair color for winter is strawberry blonde. This is an easy transition for darker blonde hair and it really jazzes up your hair without a drastic change. It also complements most skin tones so it’s easy to say yes to strawberry blonde!


Dark Chocolate Brown

Dark Chocolate Brown Any hair color name that has the word chocolate in it is a winner in my book. Not only is this shade gorgeous for winter, it’s a perfect shade for the woman who wants a darker hair color without going full-on black which can be too harsh for some. Try this hair color with some subtle highlights mixed in and you’ll have a head of alluring, almost-raven hair that begs to be admired.


Cinnamon Red

Cinnamon Red Another hair color that looks stunning pretty much any time of the year, but especially in the fall and winter is cinnamon or copper red. It’s deep, warm and so darn ravishing! This is another hair color that’s really elevated by some soft, face-framing highlights. Cinnamon or copper red is a fab choice for brunettes who want to refresh their hair color.


Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde Honey blonde is one of the winter hair trends that’s guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd. Some might say honey blonde is best for warmer weather, but sporting an unexpected hair hue is fun and refreshing. Don’t feel confined by certain hair colors in certain seasons, it’s your hair after all! There are so many versions of this color so there’s a shade to suit just about everyone.


Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Brown Chestnut Brown hair might seem a little more modest than the others, but it can make just as bold of an impact. Whether you have dark blonde hair or dark brown hair, chestnut brown is a great middle-of-the-road hair color that’s not too dark or too light making it ideal for the wintery months.


Cherry Coke

Cherry Coke This hair color wasn’t exactly seen on any runways, but it’s such a captivating color that I had to show it to you! The Cherry Coke color is a reddish brown color that is absolutely beautiful and so striking. This color is particularly flattering on olive skin tones, although ladies with medium skin tones can certainly rock the heck out of it, too.


Cherry Coke hair brings a certain warmth to chilly winter days, making it an irresistible choice for those looking to spice up their style during the colder months. It's a shade that works beautifully with the contrast of winter attire and can really make your features pop. Just imagine sipping on a hot cocoa with your luscious cherry-colored tresses falling gracefully around your shoulders—pure glamour. Whether you're under the soft glow of indoor lighting or stepping out into the winter sun, Cherry Coke hair is guaranteed to turn heads and keep the winter blues at bay.


Preserve Color

Preserve Color Now that we’ve discussed some winter hair trends in color, let’s get into hair care. If you have color-treated hair, it probably cost you a pretty penny to dye it so it’s of utmost importance to preserve the color. Look for and use shampoos that are designed to be color protectants so they don’t wash away your hair color. Tresemme, Pantene and Redken all make some pretty terrific color protecting shampoos.


Wash Less

Wash Less Washing your hair every day can be quite a chore, plus you run the risk of your hair color fading faster. Stick to shampooing every other day. Your hair color can start to escape as soon as you wet your hair so with color-treated hair, less is always more. In addition to looking for a color-safe shampoo, make sure it’s gentle and doesn’t contain any sulfates or sodium chloride that can strip your color.


Moreover, consider utilizing dry shampoo between washes. This not only absorbs excess oils and freshens up your hair without water, but also adds volume and texture. Embracing a no-poo or low-poo routine, which reduces the frequency of shampoo applications, allows your color to retain its vibrancy and shine. Don't forget, on the off days, you can still rinse your hair with cold water and apply conditioner to the ends to keep it hydrated without affecting the color. Warm showers might feel comforting in winter, but cold water is your hair color's best friend. It helps seal the cuticle, ensuring the color stays locked in for longer.


Deposit Color

Deposit Color Another way to keep your hair color going strong is to use a color-depositing shampoo in between your visits to the salon. Color-depositing hair products temporarily deposit color onto your strands after each wash so you’re covered in between touch-ups. John Frieda, Ted Gibson, Aveda and L’Oreal all offer color-depositing shampoos and conditioners that are worth a try.


Lay off the Heat

Lay off the Heat Of course you want to style your freshly colored hair and make it look all fancy-like. But I must warn you, using too many heat tools on your hair is a big no-no when it comes to keeping your hair color fresh and vibrant. The heat from blow dryers and similar tools can roughen the hair cuticle making your hair look lackluster. Prevent dull hair color by using heat tools with tourmaline and ceramic which can help smooth the cuticle as you use it.


Deep Condition

Deep Condition Last but not least, deep condition those lovely strands! Hair can get dry in the winter from the drying cold air or the moisture-sucking heater so treat your tresses to a weekly deep conditioning treatment. Oh, and avoid using hot water to rinse your hair. Hot water is said to allow the color pigments in your hair to escape more easily so stick with lukewarm water if you can.

Were you surprised by any of these winter hair color tips or trends? Although it’s fun to stay on trend with hair colors, I think anyone can pull off just about any color they want, no matter what the season. If a certain hair color or style makes you feel good about yourself more than others, then by all means, do it! Do you plan on changing your hair color this winter?

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Amazing article

I love the dark chocolate Brown thats my color.

There aren't strawberry blondes tho!! Only red-heads (me) and blondes!!!

Cherry coke looks sexy my boyfriend says should go a blondish shade just don't know

yes i want to do an auburn red to bring in the new year!

I like the gray color, but I think its nicer for a 60 years old woman :)

WOW did not know grey hair could look SO GOOD! But sorry to disagree - grey hair can be rocked by ANYONE with the right attitude!

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