7 Stylish Suggestions on Styling a Pixie Cut ...


7 Stylish Suggestions on Styling a Pixie Cut ...
7 Stylish Suggestions on Styling a Pixie Cut ...

If you’ve always had long hair, the thought of getting and styling a pixie cut might seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! Pixie cuts are super chic, edgy and quite versatile despite the fact that you have pretty short hair with the cut. Pixie cuts aren’t all just wash and go like some might believe, there are many ways to style this short, sassy ‘do. Read about all the different ways on styling a pixie cut below and get inspired!

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Messy One of my personal favorites in styling a pixie cut is to wear it messy and top it off with a headband. A messy pixie cut looks bold, daring and the headband adds just a splash of feminine style. Tousle your locks a la Halle Berry with a hair wax or other styling product and just muss it up in every direction possible. Tidy it up a bit, or not and top it off with a headband.


Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk A wonderful thing about having short hair is the ability to be able to create a bold faux hawk whenever the mood strikes. In my personal opinion, faux hawks are pretty awesome when worn with a pixie cut because it’s just too bad-ass for words. You just need to create two parts on either side of the head, tease and spray it down with hairspray. You can create a faux hawk that’s super spiky and edgy or full and feminine like a pompadour.


Change Your Part

Change Your Part Changing your part can make a major difference in how you pixie cut looks. If you typically wear your part to the left, change it to the right or part it in the middle. Do a super deep part or create just a slight one. You can even eliminate your usual part by just blow drying and brushing your hair to the back. Parting your hair in the opposite direction that you usually wear it will give your hair lift and volume which is always a plus!



Textured Adding some texture to your pixie cut is another fab way to wear it. Textured is different from #1 as you’re just adding some texture and giving your strands a more piece-y look. After you wash your hair, mist on a texturizing spray and blow dry your hair. Get some wax or pomade to piece out the ends of your hair and tousle. This style is charming and easy to create when you need your hair done in a hurry.



Sleek Keep your hair straight and rock a sexy, sleek look. This style works great for daily wear or even formal events. After you get out of the shower, apply a styling cream and comb it through. Blow dry your hair. You can always use a flat iron to smooth out any areas that need it. You can sweep your hair across your forehead, away from your forehead or give it a part.


Slicked Back

Slicked Back The slicked back pixie is elegant and very chic. I always think of the 80s music video, “Addicted to Love” where the models sported wet, slicked back ‘dos. To recreate this look, use plenty of gel or mousse on your hair and comb it back towards the nape of your neck. Rock this look with a bold red lip and you’re sure to make heads turn!



Wavy Wavy pixies are soft and romantic. If you have a natural curl to your hair, this style is obviously very easy for you to wear. However, if you have straight hair, you can create this look in just a few steps. Start by adding some gel or other styling product to damp hair. Next, cut some strips of fabric to create the waves in your hair. You’ll probably need about 12 strips. Roll thick sections of hair to the root and tie it up. Sleep with the rolls in your hair and undo them in the morning. Use your fingers to form soft waves and you’re done!

Who says that just because you have short hair, you can’t have fun styling it? All of these pixie cut styles are fun, fresh and fairly easy to create. What’s your favorite way to wear your pixie cut?

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Pixie is sexy but don\'t think I\'d pull it off sadly

These are really cute,but I couldn't ever chop off my collarbone length bob I'd miss it too much

Omg I love my pixy I were them all x

Who thinks I look hot

I just got a pixie cut. I wear it wavy!

I love all these looks. Have had a pixie for 11 yrs

Hey it\'s pretty good yaar

I wear my pixie messy

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