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When we curlies want to have fun with our hair, there are a number of fantastic style options for all lengths available, including fabulous updos for shoulder length curly hair! From a gentle bun to a fabulous halo, styling shoulder length curly hair can be fun and sophisticated. Curly hair needs lots of TLC. An updo is a great way to showcase texture and protect those ends. We hope you check out these seven suggested updos for shoulder length curly hair.

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Pretty High Bubbly Bun

We all know how spectacular a high bun is...and how much I love it! We begin our list of updos for shoulder length curly hair with this cute bubbly high bun! No list of fantastic updos is complete without it! This style is not just cute, it is also incredibly useful as a protective style, which is why it shows up so often. Moisturize your stands, pile the hair on top, and pin those ends in place. Voila! C'est magnifique!


Curly Two-Strand Twist Halo

If you like sleek styles for your shoulder length curly hair then I suggest the two-strand twist halo. This style looks a little more complicated to achieve than it is. With that said, you may need a few practice runs to get the style right but when you do, the outcome is magical. The curly two-strand twist halo is so pretty and feminine. This updo complements a bohemian look beautifully!


Side Updo with Twisted Bang

Have you ever worn a side updo? Well, you simply must try it. The side updo is a lovely take on the regular updo. Add some pretty details with braids or twists as you style your updo. Gather your hair up and to the side to create the updo foundation. Connect a few braided sections to the foundation. Add a twisted bang for wonderful finishing touch. The result is very pretty!


Two Row, Two-Strand Twist

The two row, two-strand twist is another great way to create an updo with great details and texture. The two-strand twist is already a very pretty style. So, two rows of two-strand twists connected in the back are just plain lovely. Finish this style by tucking the ends and pinning them in place. Gorgeous!


This two row, two-strand twist updo is perfect for shoulder length curly hair. It is a great way to show off the natural texture of your curls while creating an elegant and eye-catching style. The two-strand twist adds texture and detail to the updo, and the ends can be tucked and pinned in place for a polished look. This style is also easy to maintain and can be done in a few simple steps. It is perfect for special occasions, or for everyday wear.


Twisted Bang High Pony

I love a high pony almost as much as I love a high bun. This high pony with twisted bang is a fantastic take on a classic style. The high pony is also one of my favorite updos for shoulder length curly hair. This tutorial starts with straight hair, but the technique is absolutely similar to how I frequently style my own 3C curly hair.


Ever so Elegant Faux Bob

Shoulder length hair gives you a great foundation for many style options. You can wear your hair out and loose, fresh from a wash and go, or you can allow your hair to air-dry, then shape the ends into a faux bob. Tuck the bottom and pin in place. You can dress this style up or down - it's versatile!


French Roll with Side Twist

The French roll side twist updo is so easy, simple, and elegant. To achieve this look, divide hair into two unequal parts and twist and pin both parts together. Roll one section and pin in back, then roll the other section from the front and connect with the roll in the back. There you have it! A fantastic updo for your day!

There are many lovely options for shoulder length curly hair. These seven are a just a few that I have tried and love and want to share with you. Do you have shoulder length curly hair? How do you style it? Please, share! We'd love to hear from you.

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