7 Cute Updos for Shoulder Length Curly Hair ...

When we curlies want to have fun with our hair, there are a number of fantastic style options for all lengths available, including fabulous updos for shoulder length curly hair! From a gentle bun to a fabulous halo, styling shoulder length curly hair can be fun and sophisticated. Curly hair needs lots of TLC. An updo is a great way to showcase texture and protect those ends. We hope you check out these seven suggested updos for shoulder length curly hair.

1. Pretty High Bubbly Bun

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We all know how spectacular a high bun is...and how much I love it! We begin our list of updos for shoulder length curly hair with this cute bubbly high bun! No list of fantastic updos is complete without it! This style is not just cute, it is also incredibly useful as a protective style, which is why it shows up so often. Moisturize your stands, pile the hair on top, and pin those ends in place. Voila! C'est magnifique!

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