7 Best Ombre Hair Ideas to Try This Season ...

I’ve seen a ton of amazing ombre hair ideas out there, all of which make me want to get some ombre hair of my own! It’s not just about pastel-coloured hair; ombre hair can take on many, many forms! Plus the great thing is it works for all hair lengths and textures. So here are the 7 best ombre hair ideas to try this season!

1. Dark Ombre Hair

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This is the natural look that I just love. It looks sophisticated, polished and natural at the same time. Sun-kissed if I do say so myself! This works any way you want it to. You can have the lighter colour start from your crown, or just a couple inches from the bottom! This one of the loveliest ombre hair ideas!

2. 3 Colours

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The coolest ombre hair ideas are a little out of the ordinary, and this one is just different enough for you to take a second look! Instead of 2 prominent colours, there are 3! I love the blonde tips, but you can go with any lighter shade!

3. Find Your Inner Katy Perry

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This is a little bit of a wilder one on the list of ombre hair ideas, but if you have the courage to do it – go for it! It will take quite a bit of maintenance, but you’ll look utterly fabulous. Go on, dye away!

4. Streak of Colour

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Not a fan of going all out with the ombre hair ideas? I completely understand! So why not give the trend a go with just a small bit of your hair? Find a couple strands in the front or the back, wherever you’d like, and test it out! You can pick brighter colours or a more natural look. Either way, it’s cute and edgy at the same time!

5. Rainbow Ombre

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Lauren Conrad always has the best beauty ideas, and a little while ago she posted some great ombre hair ideas, rainbow tips being one of them! I think this works best with lighter hair, so the pretty pastel rainbow colours can really show up. This look is lovely isn’t it?!

6. Go Festive

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I adore this burgundy and blonde look - it’s one of the prettiest ombre hair ideas I’ve come across! It’s a perfect way to incorporate two natural colours into one look. If you’ve always wanted to try out being a redhead and a blonde, why not try it all in one shot? Or how about chestnut brown and platinum blonde? Just make sure to consult your hair stylist, some colours are harder to maintain than others!

7. The Crown of Your Hair

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This is one of the best ombre hair ideas for short hair! It comes with a little bit of styling, but even if you don’t to style it too much and even if you tie up your hair, it’ll show up. I love that you don’t have to dye all of your hair, just part of it!

There you have it ladies, some of the best ideas for ombre hair you can find. I kid you not, every time I see pictures of gorgeous ombre hair, I want to run to the salon and get it done! And right now that urge is hitting me again, so tell me, do you like this lovely hair trend?

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