9 Ways to Rock Short Hair like a Fierce Diva ...

There are so many ways to rock short hair that I often wonder why more women don’t chop off their long locks! I began cutting my hair about three years ago, and have only gone shorter since then. I love having short hair because it’s quick and easy to manage, but I’m always looking for more interesting ways to rock short hair. Here are a few ways to look fierce with your short haircut!

1. Headbands

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Adding a head band to your short hairstyle can take it from bleak to chic in seconds! Depending on the style of the headpiece, you can add a vintage, glamorous, or bohemian flair to your look. Short haircuts are fun and exciting at first, but after a while can begin to seem a bit bland, forcing you to find new ways to rock short hair. By crowning your head with a different headband each day, you’ll spice things up regularly and never stop looking fierce!

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