9 Simple Hairstyles for Bad Hair Days ...

Simple hairstyles for bad hair days are lifesavers when it comes to concealing this inevitable agony. You don’t need to have the chops for fancy braids or classic up-dos for the hairstyles I’m about to share with you. All you need are few minutes of your time and of course the basic hair accessories. Hide behind those hats no more with these simple hairstyles for bad hair days.

1. Slick It

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The slicked back hairstyle is frequently worn by high fashion models on the catwalk. It works on any hair length and is great for turning those greasy hair days into a minimalist chic look. Whether you are sporting a haircut as short as Miley Cyrus or as long as Kim Kardashian, the sexy slicked back look is just one of the effortless choices of hairstyles for bad hair days. Slick it sideways, backwards or into a ponytail, whichever way you prefer, and your runway ready hairstyle is done!

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