Gorgeous Ways to Dress up Your Ponytail ...


Gorgeous Ways to Dress up Your Ponytail ...
Gorgeous Ways to Dress up Your Ponytail ...

If a ponytail is your go-to style and you just can’t imagine wearing your hair any other way, consider some ways to dress up your ponytail. I live in a ponytail, but sometimes it’s fun to glam it up and carry it over from my day to day activities to a night on the town. There’s no reason to think your ponytail isn’t good enough as is, but if you’re like me and want to own it totally, try out these ways to dress up your ponytail. Then let the compliments roll in.

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Add a Flower

Hair, Hairstyle, Headpiece, Hair accessory, Bridal accessory, Spring means fresh flowers are all over the place but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport a flower any time of the year. After getting your hair arranged into a ponytail, secure a fresh or silk flower under the elastic holder. You’ll get some appreciative comments, I guarantee it. Wearing a flower in your hair is fun for a picnic, a brunch date or just for fun. If that’s not the easiest of the many ways to dress up your ponytail, I don’t know what is.


Use Your Hair

Hair, Hairstyle, Long hair, Hair coloring, Beauty, Sometimes I like to grab a small chunk of my ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. It lends a touch of elegance to my look without much effort at all. I usually wrap the hair until it’s completely covering the elastic, then I use a bobby pin to secure it underneath my ponytail so no one can see it.


Tie on a Scarf

Hair, Hairstyle, Blond, Beauty, Headpiece, A scarf is a fun way to add some color to your look and jazz up your ponytail at the same time. I’d suggest a thin, short scarf so it doesn’t hang down too far. Simply tie the scarf around the elastic ponytail holder and then knot it, letting the ends hang down on either side of your ponytail. You’re going to love this look, I promise.


Add a Ribbon

Hair, Hairstyle, Blond, Neck, Shoulder, I love to tie a simple ribbon in a small bow on my ponytail. It’s an easy way to dress up my look without looking like a little girl. That’s because I choose a thin ribbon and I keep it short enough that I don’t have a huge Minnie Mouse bow sitting on top of my head. A ribbon looks great on both high and low ponytails. I’ve also been known to tie one at the end of a side braid too. The sky is the limit since there are virtually hundreds of colors and patterns of ribbon at any craft or fabric store.


Wear a Headband

White-collar worker, If you’re heading to the gym or have a casual weekend shopping date, how about adding a headband to your ponytail. You’ll look glam without having to put in much work. A sparkly headband is my favorite, but you can choose any style or color you like. Match the headband to your outfit and you’ll look pulled together no matter what’s on the agenda.


Leave It Loose

Hair, Hairstyle, Brown hair, Chin, Long hair, I like to leave my ponytail a bit loose so some strands fall out to frame my face. It might sound like it just looks messy, but it really does make a simple ponytail look a bit more dressed up. This is one of my go-to choices for church as I can have my hair out of my face without pulling it all back.


Clip on a Barrette

Nail, Finger, Fashion accessory, Body jewelry, Font, There are loads of grown-up looking barrettes so you can totally pull off this look. A simple, elegant barrette clipped above your ponytail is a great way to dress up an otherwise casual hairstyle with ease. I like small ones, but a bigger one can work too. Whatever you love is your best bet!

How do you dress up your ponytail? Do you think a ponytail can work for any occasion? Share your ideas with me.

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