Gorgeous Ways to Dress up Your Ponytail ...

If a ponytail is your go-to style and you just can’t imagine wearing your hair any other way, consider some ways to dress up your ponytail. I live in a ponytail, but sometimes it’s fun to glam it up and carry it over from my day to day activities to a night on the town. There’s no reason to think your ponytail isn’t good enough as is, but if you’re like me and want to own it totally, try out these ways to dress up your ponytail. Then let the compliments roll in.

1. Add a Flower

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Spring means fresh flowers are all over the place but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport a flower any time of the year. After getting your hair arranged into a ponytail, secure a fresh or silk flower under the elastic holder. You’ll get some appreciative comments, I guarantee it. Wearing a flower in your hair is fun for a picnic, a brunch date or just for fun. If that’s not the easiest of the many ways to dress up your ponytail, I don’t know what is.

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