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Now that 2013 is coming to a close, you might have looked through some family albums and noticed that you had some of the worst hair trends. Or maybe you were looking through your high school yearbook with some old friends that were home for the holidays and you were ashamed of your senior portrait. 2014 is a time to bring in a new, refreshing year full of awesome new styles and haircuts. But for now, it’s time to laugh at yourself and read about the 7 worst hair trends of all time!

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The Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut This hair cut was popular in the 70’s and 80’s and was called the "bowl cut" because it looked like someone put a bowl on their head and used it as a guide to create one of the world’s worst hair trends. I’m not really sure if people actually thought that this style looked good or there were a lack of decent hair stylists in the 70’s and 80’s.


The Ear Cover

The Ear Cover This hair style evolved from the bowl cut, but the back was slightly longer and covered half of the ear. This style was more popular for men, but many young girls unfortunately had to suffer through this style as well.


The Hare Krishna

The Hare Krishna This style is a group of a few long strands of hair coming out of the back of one’s head while the rest of the head is shaved. While it does have religious significance to practicing Hare Krishnas, no one, and I mean, NO ONE, should wear this style. The end.


The Hare Krishna is a hairstyle that has religious significance to practicing Hare Krishnas, but it is widely regarded as one of the worst hair trends of all time. The style consists of a few long strands of hair coming out of the back of one’s head while the rest of the head is shaved.

The Hare Krishna hairstyle is widely seen as a fashion faux pas, and many people believe that it should be avoided at all costs. It is not considered to be a flattering hairstyle, and it can be difficult to style and maintain. The long strands of hair can be difficult to manage, and the overall look can be unappealing.

The Hare Krishna hairstyle has been around for many years, but it has not gained much popularity. In fact, it is often seen as a sign of rebellion or a statement of religious devotion, rather than a fashion statement. The hairstyle is not suitable for all occasions, and it can be seen as inappropriate in certain contexts.


The Rat Tail

The Rat Tail Not to be confused with the Hare Krishna, the Rat Tail is a ponytail at the base of the head while the rest of the hair is either buzzed, or could even be a few inches long. I've seen a few women actually try to rock this look. Unfortunately even Lady Gaga couldn't pull this look off.


The Comb over

The Comb over This hair style makes 40 year old men look like they’re five. I think this style was originally created to hide the fact that a man was balding. To make things even worse, I once saw a man that made a comb over out of his beard, so it wrapped completely around his head. If you are balding, you would honestly look better by shaving the rest of your head and being bald. The Comb Over isn't hiding anything. We know.


Liberty Spikes

Liberty Spikes This hairstyle was popular in 90’s punk culture. To create this hairstyle one would need two hours of time and several bottles of hair glue. Schools actually had to note in their school handbooks that this hairstyle was against the school dress code because it was a hazard to other students.


Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Business in the Front, Party in the Back Yes, we are talking about the mullet. Men and women both tried to pull off this hairstyle, and now they deeply regret it when they look back at family photos and high school yearbooks. This hairstyle looked like someone was trying to get a decent haircut, but the barber’s buzzer broke halfway through the process. Then the barber played it off saying he meant to do that. BAM! That’s how the mullet was created.

I’m sure that I've went over a few of the worst hair trends that you didn't even know existed. But these styles need to be brought to attention and eliminated for the sake of humankind. I hope you got a good laugh when you realized that you probably had a few of these styles. Maybe even your dad or your brother rocked a mullet back in the day. What are a few hair trends that you think were awful?

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Pic 2 can do whatever he wants! That chest makes up for every style posted.

People keep trying to bring these trends back -.- ugh. Please stop world!

Liberty spikes!! Really


Can I get a rattail haircut with a rattail or not I like rattail

If a hairstyle is for religious purposes then you shouldn't be telling the person who has it that it's wrong. Don't bag on someone's beliefs, but if they're wearing their hair like that because they think it looks good, then, well... They are wrong.


you can't claim they're the worst styles of all time when the oldest style you have is from the 70s. That's not even the worst styles of the last century! This article would be more aptly labeled "The worst styles of the last 50 years."

Hahaha that liberty spikes!


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