11 Protective Hairstyles for Curly Hair That Work ...

My sisters in curly, coily, wavy, kinky hair goodness - we love our hair and can all benefit greatly from protective hairstyles for curly hair to maintain the care we express and style we desire. Strictly speaking, a protective hairstyle is one that keeps your ends well moisturized, tucked away, and protected from damage. While it is nearly impossible to prevent breakage, we can help minimize it with a little extra care - and look great in the process! If you are seeking protective hairstyles for curly hair that work, we have eleven suggestions (have to end somewhere) to help you along. While these styles are perfect for winter season protection, you can wear them any time of the year.

1. High Bun

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The high bun is probably one of the easiest protective hairstyles for curly hair that works. Almost everyone can do it. The best way to rock this look is to ensure the sides are well moisturized and smooth. The product you use to smooth the edges is up to you. No matter the tools you use, be sure to gather the hair loosely and secure with hairpins to avoid pulling edges too tightly. Pulling the sides too tightly can result in severe breakage or worse.

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