8 Side Twist Hairstyles for Girls Who Are Bored of Braids ...


8 Side Twist Hairstyles for Girls Who Are Bored of Braids ...
8 Side Twist Hairstyles for Girls Who Are Bored of Braids ...

Although I LOVE braids to death, they can sometimes be a little tricky and tedious, especially when you don't have much time. In come side twists! They're easier and sometimes even cuter than braids. Check out these adorable side twist hairstyles that are perfect for days when you can't be bothered with braids...

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Twisted Side Swept Hairstyle

This twisted side swept do is perfect for your next date night. Start off by curling your hair, then start twisting little sections of your hair on one side from the top to the bottom. When you're done, gather your hair to the opposite side, and finish with some hairspray. I love how the curls add a romantic touch to the look!


Side Flat Twists

If you're a fan of edgy hairstyles, you're going to love this one! Part your hair as you usually do and start working on the "light side". Divide your hair as shown and starting at the bottom, use thin strands to create "french twists" until you have about 4-5 twists. The end result is basically a faux cornrows look that is great for school!


Waterfall Twist

Waterfall braids are so pretty to look at but so hard to master. If you've tried over and over again, but still can't quite figure them out, try this waterfall twist instead. Just as pretty for half the effort!


2 Min Spring Twist

Isn't this one absolutely gorgeous and unique? The best part is that it's actually easy enough for anyone to do (with a little practise). This spring twist will look stunning at a spring wedding or at any formal occasion really.


Side Rope Twist Hairstyle

This side rope twist is super cute for both kids and adults. You start off by twisting a section of your hair on one side, and adding hair to the bottom of your twist as you go around your head. Once you reach the other end, create a messy bun as shown. Leave as is, or add a cute accessory!

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Side Swept Waterfall Twist

Now, here's a variation of waterfall twists that is gorgeous for the holiday season! When you're done creating the waterfall twist as shown, leave your hair straight, or curl it for that extra holiday sparkle.


Side Flat Twist Hairstyle on Natural Hair

Twist hairstyles look fabulous even on natural hair. Choose which side you'd like your flat twists on, moisturize 1/2 an inch sections and twist all the way to the end and to the other side. Secure with bobby pins, separate and set the rest of your curls, and voila!


Twisted Side Ponytail

My favorite kind of hairstyles are ones that require minimum effort but look like a million bucks and this pretty do is exactly that! It takes just a few minutes (if that) and the end result is simply stunning!

Which of these hairstyles are you excited to try?

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