13 Best Bun Drop Videos for Girls Who Are Obsessed with Hair ...

By Sheila

Move aside, rainbow colored food and avocado toast. The latest trend to hit Instagram is the bun drop. If you just went, "Huh, what?", let me explain. You know when you take down your buns and top knots at the end of the day and for a brief few moments pretend to be in a shampoo commercial? THAT'S what the #bundrop is. Slow mo and somehow incredibly satisfying videos of girls pulling out their buns and letting their hair cascade down in a mesmerizing fashion. Here are some of our favorites!

1 Oh so Shiny!

2 Love That Swirling Action

3 I Could Watch This One on Loop!

4 Art in Motion

5 This One is Almost Too Perfect for Words

6 Mermaid Hair

7 With Curly Hair

8 This One Will Make You Gasp

9 This Reverse Bun Drop That is Oddly Trippy

10 Hair Goals!

11 Bun Drop and a Waterfall

12 This One That Just Looks like so Much Fun

13 And Finally....one from Our Very Own Helen‌‌

‌‌‌I‌sn't she GORGEOUS? Will you be recreating this fun trend on your Insta account?

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