Stunning Hairstyles to Enhance Your Oval Face ...


Stunning  Hairstyles to Enhance Your Oval Face ...
Stunning  Hairstyles to Enhance Your Oval Face ...

While they're are many hairstyles that will enhance your oval face shape, you might find that some are better suited to you than others. We encourage you to pick out the ones you like best and give them a go! Here we share our top picks for hairstyles that oval face shaped women should try!

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Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs or fringes are a fab hairstyles that women with oval face shapes should try. Since oval faces are longer than they are wide, side swept fringes help to create the illusion of an equal balance by reducing the length of the face.


Long Layers

Long layers are also a great way to go for oval face shapes. Basically you want to avoid having hair that is all one length, as this tends to swamp the face as well as draws it out too much. Layers, on the other hand, will ensure your hair is of slightly different lengths to avoid this.


Shoulder Length Bobs

For oval faces it's often worthwhile having hair that is of a medium length (think shoulder length or just a tad longer), as this can significantly break up a face shape that's on the longer side, plus it adds softness.


Shoulder-length bobs are exceptionally versatile, allowing you to switch effortlessly between sleek, straight styles and tousled, wavy locks. The beauty of this haircut lies in its ability to frame your features gently, particularly accentuating your cheekbones and eyes. By adding layers, you can inject extra volume and movement, creating a playful yet polished look. Hair experts often recommend incorporating a side part or some feathery bangs to further tailor the style, ensuring that it complements your unique oval face perfectly. Remember, a well-crafted bob is like a classic wardrobe staple – timeless, chic, and always on trend!


Soft, Beach Waves

Another hairstyles that will add softness to an oval shaped face is slight waves - think something similar to beach hair. An added bonus for this hairstyle is that it will also give your hair lots of volume, thanks to the soft and natural-looking waves.


Short Pixies

Of course not all girls with oval shaped faces have long hair, so this one is for anyone with shorter hair who's after a great hairstyle to try! A short pixie hairstyle works well with both oval face shapes and preferably thinner hair over thick.

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Short Bobs

As we've said above, oval shaped faces are longer than they are wide, so basically hairstyles which reduce the length of the face are great options. Short bobs work well, for example, especially if the length is slightly above the chin.


Blunt Fringe

Like a side swept fringe, blunt fringes or 'bangs' can also reduce the length of an oval shaped face, so that it appears more equal to the width. Another great reason to opt for a blunt fringe is that they will draw attention to your eyes, which is never a bad thing!

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