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Look Here to See the Newest Viral Hair Trend Taking over the Web ...

By Allison


The newest viral hair trend is taking over the web! According to Bored Panda, yet another new hair trend is on its way. This isn't your average rainbow hair trend--it's new and improved. This trend is called shine line hair and it involves bleaching the hair horizontally or vertically to create a shine line. It looks as if laser beams are hitting your hair! See how magical this new viral hair trend is with all of these colorful hairstyles.

1 Blonde with Dark Undertones

hair, color, face, black hair, hairstyle,@rebeccataylorhair

2 Edgy with Light Shades

hair, face, black hair, clothing, hairstyle,@rebeccataylorhair

3 Rainbow Brite

hair, color, clothing, pink, hairstyle,@hair_princess_steph

4 Rainbow Transition

hair, color, blue, purple, hair coloring,@pravana

5 Sleek Aqua Waves

hair, color, face, blue, hair coloring,@kristinacheeseman

6 Pink Hues

hair, human hair color, color, purple, pink,@kristinacheeseman

7 Purple Hints

hair, pink, hairstyle, hair coloring, purple,@hotonbeauty

8 Rainbow Roots and Tips

color, hair, blue, green, purple,@uggoff

9 True Rainbow

hair, color, face, clothing, hairstyle,@hair_princess_steph

10 Red Hues

hair, human hair color, color, pink, red,@stephhstyles

11 Bright Pink Shades

hair, human hair color, color, pink, purple,@hairpaintedwithlove

12 Turquoise

hair, color, blue, green, hair coloring,@hair_princess_steph

13 Dark Rainbow

hair, color, human hair color, clothing, face,@hair_princess_steph

14 Unexpected Light Colors

hair, color, black, clothing, red,@kimmiemac11

15 Pastels

hair, color, purple, pink, hairstyle, @hair_princess_steph‌

16 Subtle Rainbow

hair, color, clothing, purple, hairstyle,@hair_princess_steph

17 Edgy Blues

hair, color, human hair color, face, blue,@hair_princess_steph

18 Magenta

hair, color, pink, clothing, purple,@hair_princess_steph

19 Aqua

hair, color, clothing, blue, turquoise, What was your favorite shine line style? Is this something you would do to your own hair? Let us know in the comments!

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