Hairstyles That Will Have You Thanking Your Bobby Pins ...


Hairstyles That Will Have You Thanking Your Bobby Pins ...
Hairstyles That Will Have You Thanking Your Bobby Pins ...

Bobby pins are the underrated tool of the beauty world. They're multifunctional and great for cute hairstyles in a pinch-the only downfall is how quickly a pack disappears. Ha! Here you'll find some fab video tutorials on bobby pin hairstyles to have you looking super cute. :)

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How to Use Bobby Pins

To start things off this video shows how to hide your Bobby pins so they go mostly unnoticed, just like the stylists do.


Bobby Pin Mistakes

This video shows common bobby pin mistakes and how to correct them.


Side Bang Pin Back

This girl will show you how to get that pinned back bangs look that's simple and cute.


Quick Bobby Pinned Updos

This video shows three quick ways to pin up your hair in an updo so you look classy and sophisticated without the extra effort.


Twisted Chignon Tutorial

This hairstyle is super great for girls with medium length hair! It's adorable and perfect for a date night out.

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The Faux Bob

Thinking of cutting your hair but afraid? Try out this faux bob hairstyle using bobby pins to see if you want to hack off your locks or leave them.


False Bangs

Like the faux bob look, this one gives you the chance to rock bangs-temporarily. A quick and easy look without the permanent dedication.


To achieve the transformative false bangs, all you need is a handful of bobby pins. Start by choosing a small section of hair from the crown and sweeping it forward over your forehead. Once you've adjusted the length to your liking, simply pin it at the side or underneath your hair to hold the faux bangs in place. It's a playful way to change your look for an evening out—without a single snip. Spritz with a little hairspray for an extra hold, and you're ready to flaunt those commitment-free bangs.


Fun Bobby Pinned Styles

This great video shows the exact opposite of what you typically do with bobby pins; this flaunts them! They're super cute versatile styles that you'll love to customize with ease.


One Pin Waterfall Braid

This glam style uses one bobby pin and looks so easy to do the way she explains it! So for times you can only find that last bobby pin, this is the style for you.


Bobby Pin Hacks

This quick 2-minute video sums up 20 life changing bobby pin hacks every girl needs to know. Seriously, you'll love these clever tips!


Criss Cross Half Updo

I absolutely adore this hairstyle! It's classy, sweet, and completely underrated. Try this look out for yourself and see how much you love it!


Pompadour Hairstyle

I love vintage hairstyles so this one is one of my top faves. It's so unique and edgy yet super dressy for formal occasions. You can dress it up with a cute rhinestone or other accessories to fit your style.


Old Hollywood Glam

This girl makes it look so easy! Achieving the old Hollywood glam look we've all come to love from the vintage days is at your fingertips with this cute style.


Victory Rolls

Another vintage yet glam hairstyle is the classic pinup victory rolls look. Check out this video to learn how it's done in just a few minutes.


Bobby Pinned Styles

This girl shows three festive hairstyles that will work any time of year. They're unique looking so it makes them edgy but also makes them a statement piece at any occasion from the office to the club.


No Time Hairstyles

This girl shows three hairstyles you can do in no time at all. So if you're running late but don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed, this is the video for you.


Easy Prom Hairstyles

The prom season is upon us, so here's three easy styles to help you save money from going to the salon. Not going to prom? These are perfect for any other occasion as well!

What do you think about these videos? Any you're going to try?

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