Cute and Classy Pixie Cuts for Girls with Short Hair ...


Cute and Classy Pixie Cuts for Girls with Short Hair ...
Cute and Classy Pixie Cuts for Girls with Short Hair ...

Oh how I love my pixie cut! There are so many ways to style it, and it's so, so easy! Here are a few of my fave pixie cut styles, from pretty and sweet to bold and edgy. Which of these pixie cut styles is my favorite, do you think? Let's have a look.

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The Piece-y Pixie

All you need for this on-trend style is that volumizing powder (I NEED TO TRY THIS!), a small round brush, a blow dryer, some texturizing pomade, some finishing spray... and well, of course, a pixie cut!


This Piece-y Pixie is an on-trend style that is perfect for girls with short hair. It adds volume and texture to the hair, creating a classy and sophisticated look. To achieve this style, you will need a volumizing powder, small round brush, blow dryer, texturizing pomade, and finishing spray. Start by using the volumizing powder to add volume to the roots of the hair. Then, use the round brush and blow dryer to create a natural curl. After this, apply the texturizing pomade to the ends of your hair to create a piece-y look. Finally, spray with a light-hold finishing spray to keep the style in place. With this Piece-y Pixie, you’ll be sure to look stylish and put together.


Wet to Dry

This is my all-time favorite thing about a pixie cut: even with my super-thick hair, it takes no time to blow it dry! Seriously, I can't think of another style that requires to little time to style but still looks so cute and polished!


Pixie Cut Pompadour

I wish I was bold or edgy enough to try this style, but it's just not me... could it be you, though? I love how it looks on her, and this style doesn't require any heat for styling, which is great...


Twisted Pixie

You guess it: this one's my favorite. It's kind of like a braid for your pixie, with the same intricate look, the same easy "keep your hair out of your eyes," only with your pixie. Swoon!



Just because you have short hair, that doesn't mean you can't wear all the super-cute accessories you love! Sarah demonstrates how she wears a bunch of them. That bandana and baseball cap are way too adorable! Side note: I wonder if she has a winged liner tutorial?


Messy Missy

On me, this would just look ... well, messy. Kind of like how when my hair was longer, my messy bun looked messy but not cute like everyone else's. I want her style, please! ... also, did you catch the name of that first product she used? Noodle Head! Ha.



This is such a good pixie cut style for the office, or for any time you want to look just a little fancy. It looks so simple, too, as long as you have the right (tiny) curling iron.


Smooth & Sleek? or Rock a Quiff?

I love that this video shows us two ways to wear the exact same cut. Love the sleek look? Stop after the first bit. Want to try something a little bolder? Keep watching!



Aaand now I want to go blonde, too! This style is so much fun, perfect, for some reason, for summer, don't you think?


Kinda Crazy?

This one's way outside my own comfort zone, but it's so, so cool! (Side note: is it weird that a bald guy is so good with hair?) Again, BLONDE. I've got major color envy right now.



This video's kind of old (like, what? 8 years?) but it's still an adorable way to style a pixie cut.



This is classic, one of the easiest and quickest ways to style your pixie cut. I use a bit of gel, but this sumotech probably holds a bit better.


Fabulous & Formal

This is ideal for a wedding or date night... who knew a pixie could be so sweet and feminine? I love that glittery headband, but that last look is my favorite.

Okay, so are you ready to go get a pixie cut now? And maybe dye it blond, too? Which of these super-short styles do you like best?

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What's the tracklist I love it and your swag~

The girl in the first several video does not have a pixie cut. It's so long on top

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