Super Easy and Super Cute 5 Minute Updos ...


Super Easy and Super Cute 5 Minute Updos  ...
Super Easy and Super Cute 5 Minute Updos  ...

While I love updos (who doesn't?), I simply lack the patience and perseverance needed to master them. After doing my research for this article however, I have realized that there are some rather easy and cute updos out there that need very little time and effort. So check out these updos that are awesome for when you're short on time or if you're just a lazy girl!

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2 Minute Elegant Bun

The thought of an elegant bun conjures up images of something intricate and time-consuming that is definitely not easy. Tina of "MakeupWearables Hairstyles" challenges that notion with this easy, quick, adorable bun.


Side Updo

Looking for an easy formal updo that is perfect for weddings, prom night, and other formal events? This messy but beautiful side updo is exactly what you need.


Everyday Updo

This easy everyday updo by Mimi is perfect for work, school, date night and literally any occasion when you're short on time. Ladies, it does not get simpler than this!


"Easiest" Updo Ever

EASIEST updo ever? Count me in! All this updo requires is a ponytail, some tugging, adjusting, and pinning for a stunning result.


Updo for Natural Hair

This simple updo for natural hair is fun and requires zero skill. Wow!


Updos for Short Hair

Updos aren't just for girls with long hair! These ten (yes, TEN!) updos are fabulously simple and can be accomplished within minutes. Perfect!


Easier than It Looks Updo

You'll be shocked when you realize that this exquisite looking updo just needs two steps! It really is easier than it looks.


Effortless Updo

Now this is my kind of bun. It's messy but chic, modern, and so versatlie!


Braided Updo for Short Hair

Braided updos have this magical ability of looking way more intricate than they are, which means they're perfect for lazy girls!


4 Minute Elegant Bun

Tina really is awesome at updos and while some of her videos may seem intimidating, this one looks achievable and gorgeous!


Messy Bun

The best part about this bun is that it takes less than one minute! Surely everyone can spare a minute from their busy schedules for this cute look.


Easy Sock Bun

Sock buns will never go out of style! This one is pure perfection, and all you need is a sock, a hair brush, and some hair spray.


Romantic Updo for Short Hair

Who knew a simple headband could result in such a beautiful updo. This one is stunning for music festivals and date nights.


Easy Messy Updo

OMG! Doesn't this look so sophisticated and professional? All it really is, is some twisting, tugging, and pinning and it takes about 5 minutes! Sold!


Three Easy Updos

This short video shows you three different quick styles that are perfect for school dances, weddings, and the holiday season!



This braided beauty of a bun screams summer! All you need to do is braid a section in the front, and twist and pin up four sections at the back. It's easier than it sounds, I promise.


Bubble Bun

Last but not least is this bubble bun (what a cute name!) This one is splendid for a day at school. Easy, effortless, and super cute!

Which of these would you love to try?

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