8 Perfect Layered Haircuts for Every Face Shape ...

By Alexandra

8 Perfect Layered  Haircuts for Every Face Shape ...

Let’s get something straight before we begin: every face shape is beautiful and there's a layered haircut for every face shape!

For some shapes it's going to be a bit more challenging than others when it comes to layers, but the right layering can make it easier to deal with.

Make sure you’re 100% sure of your face shape before finding your perfect layered cut!

1 Heart

hair, blond, eyebrow, human hair color, beauty, With those gorgeously high cheekbones, there’s no room to cover it up with too much drama in the front! For ladies with this face shape, you’ll want to try to keep the layers to the end, below the strongly structured jaw. Also, make sure to not go overboard with the layers and keep them light.

2 Square

eyebrow, beauty, chin, lip, hairstyle, With this face shape, there are a lot of different layers you can try depending on what look you’re going for. However, the one thing you’ll most likely want to do is soften the harsher jawline people with square faces tend to have. You’ll want to get your first layer to come down a little below your jawbone and make sure it’s voluminous at the top so your roots don’t hang flat.

3 Oval

hair, eyebrow, human hair color, hairstyle, beauty, One of the easiest face shapes to work with is the oval. In order to veer away from making your face look too long, it is a great idea to have layers! As pictured above, it’s a good idea to start with a side swept look and gradually keep the layers coming down. Three layers for oval face shapes looks absolutely gorgeous!

4 Diamond

eyebrow, beauty, photo shoot, fashion model, chin, Beautiful but tricky, the diamond face shape actually does quite well with layers. In order to avoid highlighting the narrow forehead, it’s a good idea to start out with side swept bangs. Allow the rest of the hair to fall into place below the chin. Then you can shape the layers outward to give the bottom half of the face a wider, less chiseled look.

5 Oblong

hair, human hair color, beauty, hairstyle, long hair, It’s easy to confuse oblong faces with oval ones. However, the important difference is that these faces are naturally longer. Therefore, waves add fullness to this shape, and when combined with light layering starting just above the jawbone, it looks fabulous!

6 Round

hair, human hair color, hairstyle, long hair, black hair, Since rounder faces tend to lack depth, layered hair can help create it. Long locks parted down the middle add length. Continue a good amount of layers going downward in order to create volume. This will make your face have depth on the sides and appear longer, as well.

7 Inverted Triangle

hair, blond, human hair color, beauty, hairstyle, Ladies with this face shape know it can be hard to make their chins appear less angular. Luckily, layers can help if done the right way. Keeping loose layers swept away from the chin can give the illusion of a fuller bottom half of the face. A lot of layering on the bottom is a good idea for the inverted triangle.

8 Pear

hair, human hair color, hairstyle, blond, layered hair, Though most consider the pear face shape to be on the more difficult side to deal with, layers (again!) can be the answer. As pictured above, it’s a smart decision to have side swept, layered bangs. Make the rest of the layers going downward cup into the face to make it appear smaller towards the bottom.

What's your face shape? Do you see these to be true?

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@Taormina thanks!

Like its hard to tell :/

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This article was so informative and written in a refreshing manner. Loved it. ❤️

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