Top 10 Game of Thrones Inspired Hair Video Tutorials to Get Khalessi Style Hair ...


Top 10 Game of Thrones Inspired Hair Video Tutorials to Get Khalessi Style Hair ...
Top 10 Game of Thrones Inspired Hair Video Tutorials to Get Khalessi Style Hair ...

You are not going to believe how awesome these Game of Thrones inspired hair video tutorials are!

With such a complex plot, sometimes it’s hard to focus in on the little things in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. However, it’s impossible not to notice that Emilia Clarke is gorgeous both on and off the screen.

And that’s why we need to figure something out- how does Dany do her hair?! Since we can’t all walk around with wigs, we’re gonna need a better way to get those amazing braids.

Here are the top 10 video tutorials for Game of Thrones inspired hair.

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Khaleesi/Daenerys Braid

This is one of Dany’s more popular looks, and it isn’t too hard to master either!


Fast Khaleesi Braid

This one is similar to the first style, but it’s done a bit faster for those of us more experienced in hair styling (and who need to get out the door in a rush)!


Classic Bottom up Khaleesi Braid

If you want a classic from Khaleesi, this is the one for you! The difference in this one is that the braiding extends to the bottom to give it more of a defined look.


Khaleesi Rope Twists

Those rope braids are always troubling, aren’t they? But not with this easy tutorial! In less than 4 minutes, you can get complex looking braids that aren’t a hassle.


Rare Daenerys Updo

While it’s rare to see Daenerys with an updo, this is a great look if you want to kick it up a notch and show off your fancy side!


Dragonstone Braids

The gorgeous dragonstone braids. These are a must-know for every fan since it’s one of her more recent looks.


Daenerys Targaryen Inspired Braid

This one is a rarer look and takes a bit more time, but once you have the final look complete, you’ll agree that it’s totally worth it!


Season 5 Braided Crown

Season 5’s hairdo featured a braided crown and a voluminous bun popping out. This one takes a bit longer, but it’s wonderful for a night out.


Season 6 Triple Braids

The triple braids of season 6 are so fun to show off. It’s a look everyone knows, and it doesn’t take long to do either!


Daenerys Season 7

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for- the season 7 look! It’s not as complicated as you think. So you can rock this fantastic look with ease!

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