12 Easy Everyday Hairstyles You Can Whip up in a Snap ...

By Katlyn

12 Easy Everyday Hairstyles You Can Whip up in a Snap ...

Every girl needs some easy everyday hairstyles.

Are you a girl who’s looking for easy, cute hairstyles for your everyday life? I know I find myself rushing in the mornings and usually just throw my locks back into a braid or ponytail. But, there are lots of cute, easy hairstyles you can do before leaving the house and beginning the day! Here are twelve easy everyday hairstyles.

1 A Half up Bun

hand, baking, finger, A cute look that’s good for school, the office, or even just running errands! Find a few tutorials here: clevver.com

2 A Half up French Braid Crown

hair, human hair color, hairstyle, blond, girl, I love half-up hairstyles! They’re flattering on anyone, and are a great look for a party, wedding, day at school, whatever you want! This one is especially great because it looks so detailed and intricate, but in reality, as long as you know how to braid, it’s very easy! Here’s a link to a tutorial: i.pinimg.com

3 This Easy Side Braid

hair, hairstyle, chin, forehead, long hair, I hate when I braid my hair and the ends are poking out and it falls apart on me. This easy hack makes sure your side braid stays in place! Here’s a tutorial: i.pinimg.com

4 French Braid Tie Back

hair, hairstyle, human hair color, blond, long hair, This is probably one of the easiest, and cutest, hairstyles to execute. It would look great with any hair type or texture, too! Here’s a tutorial for you to follow: i.pinimg.com

5 A Headband Braid

hair, hairstyle, fur, long hair, hair accessory, I absolutely love the look of this sweet hairstyle! It’s perfect for a busy day and night out! Follow this tutorial: i.pinimg.com

6 This Sweet and Sassy Vintage Ponytail

hair, hairstyle, forehead, long hair, hair coloring, A throwback to the days of yesteryear, this ponytail is a cute and sassy upgrade from a normal ponytail. Here’s a tutorial with all the instructions: i.pinimg.com

7 A Pretty Twisted Crown

hair coloring, I love how easy and pretty this look is! It’s perfect for every occasion! Here’s a tutorial: i.pinimg.com

8 The Twisted Hair Band

hair, forehead, fur, hair coloring, jaw, I love how easy this is, and loved doing it all the time when my hair was shorter. It works for any length and is impossible to mess up! Here’s a link: i.pinimg.com

9 This Sweet and Simple Chignon

A super pretty updo with so much class!! And easy to do, too! Find an easy to follow how-to here: blog.lulus.com

10 A Medieval Looking Game of Thrones Braid

hair, hairstyle, long hair, forehead, brown hair, How easy is this? And it looks like you belong in Westeros! Too perfect! Here’s a link to an easy tutorial: i.pinimg.com

11 A Chic Milkmaid Braid

hair, hairstyle, shoulder, chin, neck, Milkmaid braids are so so cute! They’re flattering, and keep your hair out of your face while looking fabulous! Here’s an easy to follow tutorial: i.pinimg.com

12 Quick Braid Waves

pink, eyewear, beauty, blond, collage, I love how easy it is to get loose, beach waves with braids and a flat iron! And they look like you just got back from laying out at the beach, too! Here’s a link to a tutorial: i.pinimg.com

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