Here's What Your Hairstyle Says about You ...

By EmMa

Here's What Your Hairstyle Says about You  ...

Did you know that there's a great answer to what your hairstyle says about you? The way you choose to do your hair is sort of tied in with your personality. I'm not talking about the messy look you resort to on busy mornings. I'm talking about the style you choose most often when you actually have time to do something with your hair. Here's what your hairstyle says about you.

1 Long and Loose

Girls who wear their hair down might be wondering what your hairstyle says about you. You might choose to wear your hair down and loose, but that doesn't mean you don't have a style. Long and loose is your style and it says that you are proud and always reach your goals.

2 Ponytail

There's a difference between the rushed ponytail you put up on your way to the gym and the polished one that you might wear to work. The latter says that you are romantic and like to try new things. You tend to see the good in people instead of the bad.

3 A Bob or Lob

The bob or the longer bob styles continue to be a top choice at salons everywhere. This style says you are calm and like to analyze what others think of you. You are open to new things and don't like to be annoyed.

4 Half up, Half down

This classic look is polished and sophisticated, but also fast and easy to do. That's why so many girls love it. It means you're honest and fierce in how you live your life. No one can get anything by you.

5 Top Knot or Bun

This style is easy and can look glamorous rather than messy. A top knot or bun tells others that you are creative and love art and other pursuits that let you use your inner talents.

6 Braided Crown

Here's a look that isn't quite so fast to accomplish, but if you take the time, it tells others a lot about you. You aren't concerned with what others think and you have plenty of self-confidence. You are also popular and loyal.

7 Standard Braid

Wearing a braid down your back is a classic and timeless look that many girls love. If this is your go-to hairstyle, it tells the people around you that you are open and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Which is your favorite hairstyle?

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