6 Braid Styles to Master for Fabulously Done Hair ...


6 Braid Styles to Master for Fabulously Done Hair ...
6 Braid Styles to Master for Fabulously Done Hair ...

Do you have long hair and are looking for braid styles to master? Tired of leaving it down for the wind to knot up or doing that same old simple braid you mastered in first grade? Here are six new braid styles to master.

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French Braid

hair, jewellery, hair accessory, headpiece, hairstyle, Divide the hair into three sections. Cross each section over each other holding onto the hair from the last section you crossed. Repeatedly add hair and cross sections until you come to the end and tie it off. This is one of the best braid styles to master.


Dual Texture Braid

hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion model, neck, First curl your hair with a curling iron if you have straight hair. Create a deep part on the right side of your head. Pull your hair over your left shoulder. Start making a regular French braid. Put a clip on the braid so it doesn’t come apart. From your right temple, French braid the rest of your hair. Follow the nape of your neck until it meets the first braid and now combine your hair where the two braids meet and fishtail braid to the ends.


Crown Braid

hair, human hair color, hairstyle, long hair, blond, Part your hair down the center of your scalp. Starting at the nape of your neck on your left side, create an inverted French braid following your hairline. Continue all the way around your head. Tie with an elastic band and tuck the end under the braid.


Dutch Braid

hair, hairstyle, long hair, hair coloring, tree, It’s the same as a French braid, but you cross under each piece instead of over each piece.


Braid to Bun

hair, hairstyle, long hair, bun, hair tie, Dutch braid the top half of your hair from your temples to the back of your head and secure each braid with clips. Crisscross at the back of your hair and take the clips from their original spot and clip the end results. Now, you need to braid the remaining bottom half of your hair in a regular braid (the one you learned when you were six) and wrap it in a bun.

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Spiral Braid

hair, hairstyle, braid, long hair, french braid, French braid counterclockwise starting at the front of your hairline. Clip the end once your hair is fully braided and tuck it under the braid. This braid has you starting at the center of your head, unlike the crown braid that doesn’t touch the middle of your head.

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