37 Stunning Braided Crown Hairstyles for Every Occasion ...

By Lisa

Braided crown hairstyles look great for just about any occasion. Whether you want something simple and chic to keep your hair out of your way or you want a unique look for a special occasion, pretty plaits are the way to go! If you're looking for a new way to wear your hair, give one of these braided crown styles a try!

Table of contents:

  1. nicole richie inspired braid
  2. romantic braided crown hairstyle tutorial
  3. front row braid
  4. perfectly messy braids
  5. braided crown
  6. crown braids redux
  7. high braided crown
  8. half crown braid
  9. half up braided crown
  10. faux braided crown hairstyle tutorial
  11. crown plait tutorial
  12. dutch braid
  13. twisted crown braid
  14. messy braided crown
  15. braided crown hair tutorial
  16. dutch braid crown
  17. braided crown tutorial
  18. boho braided hairstyle
  19. double braided crown
  20. how to make boho crown braid tutorial
  21. crown braid chignon
  22. braided headband
  23. draped french braid
  24. game of thrones braids tutorial
  25. halo braid
  26. fishtail-merged crown braid
  27. foolproof crown braid tutorial
  28. braided hair
  29. double dutch braid tutorial
  30. how to: braid crown... it'll be another 4 years before my hair is long en
  31. braided crown tutorial
  32. braided crown
  33. connect the braids
  34. braided crown hair
  35. the crown braid
  36. simple accent braid
  37. messy braided updo

1 Nicole Richie Inspired Braid

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2 Romantic Braided Crown Hairstyle Tutorial

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3 Front Row Braid

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4 Perfectly Messy Braids


5 Braided Crown

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6 Crown Braids Redux

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7 High Braided Crown

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8 Half Crown Braid

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9 Half up Braided Crown

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10 Faux Braided Crown Hairstyle Tutorial

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11 Crown Plait Tutorial

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12 Dutch Braid

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13 Twisted Crown Braid

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14 Messy Braided Crown

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15 Braided Crown Hair Tutorial

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16 Dutch Braid Crown


17 Braided Crown Tutorial

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18 Boho Braided Hairstyle

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19 Double Braided Crown

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21 Crown Braid Chignon

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22 Braided Headband

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23 Draped French Braid

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24 Game of Thrones Braids Tutorial

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25 Halo Braid

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26 Fishtail-Merged Crown Braid

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27 Foolproof Crown Braid Tutorial

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28 Braided Hair

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29 Double Dutch Braid Tutorial

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31 Braided Crown Tutorial

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32 Braided Crown

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33 Connect the Braids

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34 Braided Crown Hair

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35 The Crown Braid

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36 Simple Accent Braid

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37 Messy Braided Updo

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A braided crown hairstyle is versatile, romantic, and oh so pretty! Which hairstyle do you like best?

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