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Less is More - Amazing Ways to Accessorize Short Hair ...

By Sabrina

I’ve been team short hair for four years now, and my only complaint about short hair is that it can get sort of boring without the right accessories. Short-haired women can't elaborately braid, curl, or style their hair like long-haired women can. But luckily, there are plenty of amazing ways to accessorize short hair that I’ve learned over the years, and I’d love to share them with you!

1 Beautiful Bows

Beautiful Bows I love bows! But they aren’t for everyone. If you are young and have short hair, I think bows are a great accessory option. They’re simple and subtle, but also fun and hip! You can go big or small, colorful or black, and just add a little flare to your look!

2 Stunning Scarves

Stunning Scarves When I first cut my hair short, I quickly fell in love with wearing scarves on my head! This look is classic, timeless, and, between you and me, looks best on short-haired women! It’s especially good for days when you’re battling messy hair and don’t have the luxury of pony tails and braids like our long haired friends. Just cover it right up with a scarf!

3 Decorative Bobby Pins

Decorative Bobby Pins If you have a more simple style, decorative bobby pins may be just the way to spice up your look. To add a little sparkle and style to your already adorable style without overwhelming your eye, just add a cute pin here and there; you’ll be amazed by the results!

4 Dainty Headband

Dainty Headband Unlike on long hair, where delicate little headbands get lost in the mess, short hair really showcases even the daintiest of headbands! You can add interest to your hair without covering up too much of it. Plus, every headband is different; you can go sparkly or plain, metal or cloth, bold or simple! No matter what you do, you'll change your look for the better!

5 Hot Hats

Hot Hats Hats are usually reserved only for the most dire occasions, like horrible cases of bed-head or hitting the snooze alarm one too many times. But if you wear a hat intentionally and pair it with the right outfit, it can actually look pretty cute!

6 Jingling Jewelry

Jingling Jewelry I'm completely loving the latest trend of hair jewelry that jingle-jangles with every turn of the head! It looks so regal and otherworldly! While this look is most common on women with long hair, don't think you can't pull it off, too! Hair jewelry looks stunning on women with shoulder length hair, and sometimes even shorter! All you need is the right amount of confidence.

7 Fabulous Flower Crowns

Fabulous Flower Crowns This recent trend makes you look like something out of a fairy tale! Simple or bold flower crowns can be found in women’s stores all over, or you can make them yourself! They’re unique, but not so outlandish that people will stare when you wear them out in public! They might stare, but only because you look so fabulous!

I totally understand the desire to mix it up every once in a while, but also the appeal of short hair! But you can have the best of both worlds when you stock up on amazing hair accessories like these ones. Which of these accessories is your favorite?

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