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These 42 Long Hair Inspos Will Make You Love Your Locks ...

By Jennifer

Whether you're at that awkward growing-it-out phase or you've already got long hair and you're thinking of cutting it, FREEZE! And have a peek at these long hair inspos to help convince you to keep growing!

1 Long, Natural Hair

Long, Natural Hair Source: Hair Care Products For Natural

2 Messy Hair, Don't Care

Messy Hair, Don't Care Source: Homemade Hair Volumizer

3 Pastel Pink Pony

Pastel Pink Pony Source: Hair Inspiration For Your Next

4 Bangs + Loose Waves

Bangs + Loose Waves Source: Seriously Ruined: Who's that Girl?

5 Katie Casual

Katie Casual Source:

6 Long + Blonde

Long + Blonde Source: Berry Lips - Barefoot Blonde

7 Pastel Goth

Pastel Goth Source: How To Be A Pastel

8 Salon-Styled Messy Braid

Salon-Styled Messy Braid Source: Mara Hoffman Spring 2015

9 Kirsten's Long Layers

Kirsten's Long Layers Source: The 21 Best Haircuts with

10 Beautiful Beach Waves

Beautiful Beach Waves Source: Beautiful view #fpmevancouver by alexcentomo

11 Boho Updo

Boho Updo Source: Shop Category | It Works

12 Wind-Blown Beauty

Wind-Blown Beauty Source: Ps11 Bag and Gianvito Rossi

13 Olivia's Long, Loose Waves

Olivia's Long, Loose Waves Source: Elle Fanning Photos | Shopping

14 Retro 60s Bouffant

Retro 60s Bouffant Source: 7 Hairstyles Of The '60s

15 Ombre Braid

Ombre Braid Source: Worst Fashion and Beauty Trends

16 Lorde's Curly Locks

Lorde's Curly Locks Source: Classic Perm Hairstyles Ideas for

17 Lauren's Blonde Beauty

Lauren's Blonde Beauty Source: Pondering Ombre

18 Brilliant Bedhead

Brilliant Bedhead

19 Half Hair Braid

Half Hair Braid Source: Her Tea Leaves

20 Va-Va-Volume

Va-Va-Volume Source: Work Hairstyles You Can Actually

21 Blonde Ombre

Blonde Ombre Source: 26 Cute Haircuts For Long

22 Cocoa Brown Curls

Cocoa Brown Curls Source: 37 Newest Hottest Hair Colour

23 Dutch Fishtail

Dutch Fishtail Source: Holiday Tulle - Barefoot Blonde

24 Rich Red

Rich Red Source: Grow your hair longer: how

25 Braid + Pony + Waves

Braid + Pony + Waves Source: 26 Cute Haircuts For Long

26 Beach Goddess

Beach Goddess Source: Classy Beach Hair You Haven’t

27 Long Layers

Long Layers Source:

28 Soft + Sleek

Soft + Sleek Source: 17 Amazing Long Straight Hairstyles

29 Casual Curl

Casual Curl Source: Beachy Waves Tutorial - Barefoot

30 Deep Side Part

Deep Side Part Source: 26 Cute Haircuts For Long

31 Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid Source: 15 Amazing Hair Ideas for

32 Side Braid

Side Braid Source: 8 Chic Side Braid Hairstyles

33 Messy Pony

Messy Pony Source: 26 Cute Haircuts For Long

34 Lush Layers

Lush Layers

35 Simple + Sultry

Simple + Sultry Source: Grow your hair longer: how

36 Sporty Ponytail

Sporty Ponytail Source:

37 Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Source: 15 Amazing Hair Ideas for

38 Supermodel Sizzle

Supermodel Sizzle Source: 2015 Hairstyle Trends and Haircut

39 Lauren's Perfect Pony

Lauren's Perfect Pony Source: 10 Cute Ponytail Ideas: Summer

40 Boho Braids Bride?

Boho Braids Bride? Source: Get NYE ready With 3

41 Brilliant Red

Brilliant Red Source: 37 Newest Hottest Hair Colour

42 Soft Curls

Soft Curls Source: New Haircut/style

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