Perfect Hairstyles to Keep You Sexy during Your Workout ...

By Holly

When you work out, your makeup will smear and your body will sweat, making you feel like a complete mess. It's definitely not a sexy look, which is why wearing your hair in fabulous styles will help you keep your confidence up. No matter how much you pant, you'll be comforted by the fact that you still look sexy. If you like to look good at all times, here are some of the cutest hairstyles for your next work out session:

Table of contents:

  1. side styles
  2. buns
  3. braids
  4. twisted knot
  5. pigtails and boxer braids
  6. six in six
  7. after p.e. workout
  8. for for medium to long hair
  9. cute and easy gym har
  10. 5 minute workout hair
  11. super sporty hairstyles

1 Side Styles

This video gives you a bunch of cute styles to choose from. The first is a ponytail with a knot, which is great for girls who don't have much time on their hands. The second is an organic, side braid, which is great for your workout or for a normal day at work. The last is a messy side bun, which will keep you looking stylish.

2 Buns

Here are three more hairstyles for you to wear during your next work out session. The first one is a twist on a traditional ponytail that can easily transform into a ballerina bun. The second is a messy bun, and the last is another bun with some sexy french braids.

3 Braids

This video shows you how to create three different looks with dutch braids (skip to 2:00 minutes in for her to start the actual tutorial). They're perfect for any workout session, because it'll keep the hair out of your way. There's nothing worse than having your locks stick to your sweaty face while you're trying to run.

4 Twisted Knot

This video shows you hot to create a twisted knot, which is perfect to wear when you're going to be exercising for a few hours at a time. The woman in the video goes into a lot of detail, making it impossible for you to mess up the sexy look. You should be able to ace it the first time that you try it out.

5 Pigtails and Boxer Braids

This video starts off by showing you how to create a braided ponytail, then goes on to demonstrate how to make a Jasmine ponytail, a french braided messy bun, braided pigtails, and boxer braids. The video goes by pretty quickly, but that shows you just how easy these looks are to create! You should be able to figure them right out.

6 Six in Six

Ready to spend six minutes learning how to create six workout hairstyles? Even though the girl in this video is young, it doesn't mean that she's clueless. She actually has some pretty amazing ideas, so make sure that you watch all that she has to offer. Besides, the awesome music she has playing in the background will make the video feel like it's going by super fast.

7 After P.E. Workout

You're probably more worried about what you look like after a workout than what you look like during a workout. This video shows girls in school how to do their hair and makeup quickly after gym class. It's something every teenager must watch, because it can make their school day way better.

8 For for Medium to Long Hair

If you have longer hair, it can be particularly irritating to workout because it just gets in the way. That's why you need this great tutorial, which will show you three fabulously easy ways to braid your long strands so they are out of your face while you exercise. Not only are they easy, but they are also super stylish so you won't have to worry that you don't look great.

9 Cute and Easy Gym Har

We all want to look cute when we go the gym, right? Fortunately, you can do a super cool hair style even if all you're planning to do is lift some weights or run on the treadmill. Don't believe me? Get a load of these glam gym hairstyles and I think you'll change your mind.

10 5 Minute Workout Hair

If you need something fast for your workout, this video is the answer you've been searching for. The adorable girl in the tutorial will teach you how to whip your into a couple of super cute styles that only take 5 minutes. What more could a girl ask for?

11 Super Sporty Hairstyles

This video proves that you can look sporty without giving up all of your adorable style. You'll learn a couple of really easy looks that perfectly go with your workout clothes and still leave you looking absolutely fabulous. Perfect!

You should try your best to look good, no matter where you're going or what you're doing. That way, you'll always feel confident. How do you wear your hair when you head to the gym?

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