29 Chic Boho Hair Styles Your Hair Wants Now ...

By Jennifer

Whether you're off to a summer music festival or just want something new and pretty to do with your hair, to match your boho spirit, here are a few of my favorite gypsy-inspired hippie hairdos to get you started. I love them all!

Table of contents:

  1. braided bouffant
  2. messy braid, low pony
  3. headband (with or without feathers)
  4. messy braid
  5. fake fishtail braid
  6. surf hair
  7. flowers
  8. colors
  9. hair wrap
  10. braided back
  11. braided crown
  12. feather locks
  13. braided with baubles
  14. chain headpiece
  15. side braid
  16. inside-out ponytail
  17. multi-style braids
  18. with a hat
  19. leather headband
  20. ombre braids
  21. lace wrap
  22. gypsy style
  23. dreads
  24. half-up, with braids
  25. braided bun
  26. natural
  27. floral crown
  28. windswept braids
  29. beach braid

1 Braided Bouffant

Source: Stylish Hair Colors You Can

2 Messy Braid, Low Pony

Source: blog.freepeople.com

3 Headband (with or without Feathers)

Source: Wiccan Moonsong: Daily Message

4 Messy Braid

Source: 15 Loose Braided Hairstyles for

5 Fake FIshtail Braid

Source: Easy Hair Trick: How to

6 Surf Hair

Source: Surf Hair Care: Keep those

7 Flowers

Source: 15 Stunning Half Up Half

8 Colors

Source: 25 More Cool Projects For

9 Hair Wrap

Source: Boho Hair Wrap Tutorial

10 Braided Back

Source: How To Boho: NEW BOHEMIAN

11 Braided Crown

Source: Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

12 Feather Locks

Source: Hairstyles 2015

13 Braided with Baubles

Source: 17 Gorgeous Boho Braids You

14 Chain Headpiece

Source: Charming Chains: Body Jewellery for

15 Side Braid

Source: Boho Braids

16 Inside-out Ponytail

Source: 25 Ways To Up Your

17 Multi-Style Braids

Source: Blogger Inspiration: Summer Braids From

18 With a Hat

Source: Pinterest

19 Leather Headband

Source: 26 Cute Haircuts For Long

20 Ombre Braids

Source: DIY Braided Hairstyles for Long

21 Lace Wrap

Source: Hair and Make-up by Steph

22 Gypsy Style

Source: The Freckled Fox: Festival Hair

23 Dreads

Source: People's hair tells us a

24 Half-up, with Braids

Source: The Wiegands: WEAR

25 Braided Bun

Source: THE HIPPY WITHIN | TheyAllHateUs

26 Natural

Source: Pinterest

27 Floral Crown

Source: Pinterest

28 Windswept Braids

Source: 24 Messy Braids from Pinterest

29 Beach Braid

Source: Santa Barbara - Barefoot Blonde

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