8 Awesome Ways to Change up Your Hair with Just Bobby Pins ...

By Neecey

You might not be feeling all that inspired with ways to do your hair when all you have is a few bobby pins. You might be thinking what on earth can you create that’s new and different to your usual style with bobby pins. I think you’re going to be surprised and you’ll never look at this humble hair accessory in the same way again.

Table of contents:

  1. use bobby pins to ensure your hair is trending
  2. make your ponytail pop with just two bobby pins
  3. get creative with 3 bobby pins
  4. create all sorts of geometric shapes with multiple bobby pins
  5. with some bobby pins you can have a faux haircut
  6. create fake bangs as simply as simple can be
  7. use bobby pins to create a layered half up/half down style
  8. try another take on the half up half down style

1 Use Bobby Pins to Ensure Your Hair is Trending

Hash tags are everywhere so why not show how current you are by wearing them in your hair? To achieve this look all you need to do is pull some tresses to the side and secure it with bobby pins. But, put the bobby pins in a hash tag formation. Easy to do and bang on trend.

2 Make Your Ponytail Pop with Just Two Bobby Pins

Are you envious of those poofy, plumped ponytails you see everywhere. You too can master the art and make your ponytail pop with just two bobby pins. Once you have created your ponytail, flip it over and put two pins in just like in the picture above. From flat to full in seconds.

3 Get Creative with 3 Bobby Pins

Here’s a simple way to pull your hair back and secure it in place. To achieve this look, pull two sections of your hair back and lay them over each other. Pin each section as the two sides of a triangle as shown and then slide a third pin on the horizontal to complete the shape.

4 Create All Sorts of Geometric Shapes with Multiple Bobby Pins

So, you’ve seen the hash tag and the triangle. Why stop there? Go geometric crazy and create all sorts of shapes.

5 With Some Bobby Pins You Can Have a Faux Haircut

This style is great for so many reasons. It can pull your hair up so you’re cooler on a hot day. It can help you decide if you want to chop your locks. Or, it can simply be a temporary change of look. It is achieved with just 8 bobby pins but it’s best if I let the tutorial show you how it’s done – click here elle.com if you want to achieve this style.

6 Create Fake Bangs as Simply as Simple Can Be

Hold a deep side part in place with a bobby pin placed just above the ear. Let the hair fall lightly across your forehead to make fake bangs.

7 Use Bobby Pins to Create a Layered Half up/half down Style

This is easier than it looks and it looks great – yes? Separate and use bobby pins to secure in place. Then about an inch below this clipped section, make some twists on either side, pull back and secure in place with more pins.

8 Try Another Take on the Half up Half down Style

This is a great style that works with most hair types(except curly). It’s not as complicated as it looks but the finish is classy. If you’d like to give this a try, best follow the tutorial with pics, rather than me try and walk you through it – tutorial here makeupgeek.com

Which are you going to try?

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