Effortless Hairstyles for the Beach and beyond ...

By Lisa

The ultimate summer hair must look good, yet be easy to achieve. Who wants to hang out at the beach and worry about your hair getting in the way or looking like a big 'ol rat's nest? It might sound like a tall order, but believe me, it can be done and I'm here to show you how! Scroll through these stylish summery hairstyles and start planning your beach getaway!

Table of contents:

  1. messy top bun for short hair
  2. quick twist for medium and short hair
  3. natural hair updo
  4. giant bun
  5. 2-minute low braided bun
  6. bandana
  7. knotted pony
  8. tuck and cover french braid
  9. diy summer braid hair tutorial
  10. headband tuck
  11. looped-through bun
  12. bobby pin braid
  13. looped ponytail
  14. bouncy ponytail
  15. hippie braids
  16. fishtail braid for high ponytail
  17. low side braid
  18. twisted bun
  19. two minute bun
  20. boho rose braid
  21. boho braid crown
  22. alternative braid tutorial

1 Messy Top Bun for Short Hair

Source: Messy Top Knot for Short
Who says you have to have super long hair to sport a sassy little top bun?

2 Quick Twist for Medium and Short Hair

Source: Hairography
Here's another cute option for gals with shorter hair.

3 Natural Hair Updo

Source: 10 Super Easy Updo Hairstyles
I love this look! 5 easy steps and you're ready for anything.

4 Giant Bun

A giant bun is a great option for anyone who needs a chic look that will take them from the beach to dinner.

5 2-minute Low Braided Bun

Source: Top 10 Tutorials For Summer
Another take on the bu, but this version is a little more messy-in a good way!

6 Bandana

Source: Latest 45 Simple Hairstyles for
What better way to show off your beachy waves that to wear it down and top it off with a colorful bandana?!

7 Knotted Pony

Source: Top 10 Tutorials For Summer
Get knotty at the beach with this messy yet pulled together low ponytail.

8 Tuck and Cover French Braid

Source: Braid 7-Tuck and Cover French
This look is a little more polished, but if you're going to be playing sports or chasing after little ones; it's sure to keep you cool and keep your hair out of your way!

9 DIY Summer Braid Hair Tutorial

Source: Hair Tutorial // Thick Summer
Braids are such a cute and classy way to style your summer hair.

10 Headband Tuck

Source: Blog
Here's a fab heat-free way to give your hair some serious style.

11 Looped-through Bun

Source: 35 New Hair Ideas for
This is another way to do the tucked look, but much more messy. I think this would look so boho chic at the beach.

12 Bobby Pin Braid

Source: 20 Life-Changing Ways to Use
Put those bobby pins to good use and give your hair this quick and easy little braid.

13 Looped Ponytail

Source: Blair Badge | Minimalist style
I love the undone feel this hairstyle has yet it still looks so pretty!

14 Bouncy Ponytail

Source: 35 New Hair Ideas for
Chrissy Teigen can rock the heck out of a ponytail and this look is super cute for beach volleyball or chasing the waves.

15 Hippie Braids

Source: 20 Best Braid for Long
It doesn't get much easier than this and isn't so summer-appropriate?

16 Fishtail Braid for High Ponytail

Source: 10 Fishtail Braid Ideas for
If you're tired of a low fishtail braid, try one with a hair ponytail for a sporty chic look.

17 Low Side Braid

Source: The Low-Slung Side Braid: Our
Zoe Saldana makes this classic braided style look so fresh!

18 Twisted Bun

Source: 25 Easy Summer Hairstyles
If you need a versatile style, the twisted bun should be at the top of your list. Polished but still beach-friendly!

19 Two Minute Bun

Source: 2 Minute Braided Bun
A fast hairdo for clean or dirty hair. A must-try for when you're low on time!

20 Boho Rose Braid

Source: Hair and Make-up by Steph
This braid is a little more involved than the others on this list, but it's such a unique look!

21 Boho Braid Crown

Source: 18 Pinterest Hair Tutorials You
A gorgeous half-up hairdo that allows you to showcase your natural beach waves.

22 Alternative Braid Tutorial

Source: Alternative Braid | Day 14
Learn how to recreate this pretty alternative braid.

Did you spot a hairstyle you'd like to try? I'm really into the braided looks myself and can't wait to give them a try! Let us know if you try out any of these looks!

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