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You’ve got your classy, business-like outfit ready. Your matching shoes and handbag are clean and shiny. You’ve perfected your “just right” makeup. But what about your hair? Are you going to do something different for your job interview?

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French Twist

A French twist is the ideal option if you want to keep your hair out of your face and off your neck. It looks put together without being overly fussy and primped. They have been made easier to do, ‘cos you can buy tools and accessories to help you achieve a nice twist, but you can also manage it with just a pile of bobby pins.


Simple Braided Ponytail

Braiding has almost become a hair science. There are so many fantastic braid styles that are intricate and a work of art. These shouldn’t be chosen for an interview. They can look a bit overdone but also, they might take longer than you anticipated to achieve, putting you under time pressure. You might also get in a flap doing it and that’s the last thing you need in your interview preparations. This simple braided ponytail is perfect.


Sock Bun

You can cut the end off a sock and roll it up into the shape of an O or buy a sock bun from a store. A sock bun is a good hairstyle for long and medium hair. If you can pull your hair into a ponytail, you can achieve a sock bun. You can also do a sock bun if you have layered hair. Make sure to secure it well with lots of bobby pins. Soften the look with some wispy bits if you like.


Low Bun

Similar to the sock bun but worn lower, I think this hairstyle is classy and elegant. It’s neat and tidy. If you’re not sure you want to go low down onto the nape of your neck – for example, if you don’t want your bun rubbing on the collar of your jacket – simply wear it higher. In fact, your sock bun (#3) can be worn as high or low as you like.


Professional Ponytail

Like braids, the humble ponytail has been through some serious upgrades and there are so many different ways to do one. But like braids, leave the fancy and intricate ones for other occasions. For an interview, you want a simple, neat ponytail. Avoid fancy ties and accessories. This video shows you how to achieve a neat finish using hair to wrap the tie to hide it.


Side Sweep

If your hair is long and luscious, you can still show it off. Don’t feel obliged to wear it up just because you’re going to an interview. You can use bobby pins to sweep your hair to one side of your neck, allowing it to flow over one shoulder. There are several ways to do this, which will give the appearance of a more sophisticated side pony. This works well with wavy and curly hair, though straight hair will look sleek and sharp as well.


Just Let Your Hair Be Itself

Confidence is key to the interview process so it is important you are confident in your choice of hairstyle. Don’t go with a style that leaves you wanting to fidget with it, or makes you nervous so that you’re worrying about it rather than focusing on the questions being put to you. Adapting your hairstyle for a job interview doesn't mean attempting to be someone you're not. If you prefer to wear your naturally curly hair down, make sure you treat it with anti-frizz serum. Manage flyaways too. Make sure that your hair is clean and shiny. You can go with a fierce slicked back look if you choose, but make sure you’ve done this before and totally rock it.

You want potential employers to see you, not your hair, but that doesn’t mean your hair doesn’t form part of the overall impression you give. Plus, we all know, we care how our hair looks, whatever the occasion. Which of these styles do you think most suits an interview?

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I'm going to try one of these for my next interview.

@jackie I agree

Just be yourself. Don't worry about a new 'do that will take you longer before your interview.

I don't know anything about these things that's why scared to use it

Asome ideas! :)

Are natural, tight curls considered professional enough for an interview?

Whatever your style, just make sure it's neat!

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