7 Sexy Hairstyles That Won't Cramp Your Makeout Sesh ...


7 Sexy Hairstyles That Won't Cramp Your Makeout Sesh ...
7 Sexy Hairstyles That Won't Cramp Your Makeout Sesh ...

Don't you hate when you're making out with your boyfriend, and then your hair falls in front of your face? In order to avoid that, all you have to do is push your hair back. Of course, you want whatever style you choose to look sexy in order to impress your boyfriend. That's why you should try to create these hairstyles that won't get in your way during make out sessions:

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Twist Crossed Curls

This tutorial was inspired by Kate Middleton. All you have to do is take the sides of your hair and place them in the back, so that you don't have any locks falling in front of your face while you're trying to kiss your boyfriend. It looks like a difficult style to replicate, but after you create it once, you'll be able to create it again and again.


Ariana Grande Ponytail

Whether or not you like Ariana Grande's music, you have to admit that she has fabulous hair. If you wish you could look like her, all you have to do is watch this tutorial. It'll teach you all you need to know about creating a high ponytail that'll drive your boyfriend crazy.


Braids on the Side

This video shows you a few different hairstyles that will help keep the hair out of your face. The first one involves braiding the front pieces of your hair and pushing them behind your ear in order to keep them in place. The other styles follow a similar pattern. The woman braids her hair and pins it in different areas of her head in order to create different styles.


Ponytail with a Braid

Even though these hairstyles are meant for the gym, they're also great to use on any other occasion when you want to keep the hair out of your face. The tutorial shows you how to create a cute ponytail with braids, a messy bun, and a side ponytail, all of which will work well during make out sessions.


The Perfect Ponytail

If you've ever wondered how to create the perfect ponytail, this tutorial will answer all of the questions you have. Wearing a ponytail during your make out session will not only keep the hair out of your face, but it will keep you cool, because you won't have any pieces falling onto your neck and heating you up.


Twisted Side Ponytail

This hairstyle will make you look super sweet, which is why it's perfect to wear on a date. All you really have to do is flip different sections of your hair over the other sections. By the time you're finished, you'll have an adorable style in the back that looks nice and casual in the front.


To achieve this effortlessly chic look, start by parting your hair on one side and then begin twisting it starting from the crown of your head. Gradually add more hair to the twist as you work your way down. When you reach the nape of your neck, gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail, securing it with a hair tie. The twist adds a romantic flair to the simple side ponytail, ensuring your hair stays put while you’re leaning in close. It's easy enough to do in a snap, yet stylish enough to make you feel like you’ve put extra effort into your look.


The Perfect Messy Bun

Now that you know how to create the perfect ponytail, it's time to learn how to create the perfect messy bun. Even though you've heard about this style time and time again, you might not know the correct way to pull it off. However, that won't be true after you watch this tutorial, which will give you step by step instructions.

Your boyfriend will love you, no matter what your hair looks like. Of course, it can't hurt to put in a little extra effort in order to make him see how lucky he is to have you. How do you usually wear your hair when you visit your boyfriend?

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Long hair will find a way..

If you're making out, the last thing thought about is hair getting in the way, but in case always carry a scrunchie

So much work.

Yea way too much work!

This is too much LOL

Catherine Middleton will forever be my style inspiration. Love the first one. Ariana's ponytail would HURT. She makes it too high and my hairs too big.

Ariana's ponytail is cute and girly... I like it but it is a bit too girly.. So no.

Gonna try these hairstyles this week :)

Tfw no bf

Lol we all need this

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