Practical Heatless Hairstyles for Girls Trying to Avoid Damage ...


Practical Heatless Hairstyles for Girls Trying to Avoid Damage ...
Practical Heatless Hairstyles for Girls Trying to Avoid Damage ...

As someone with pin-straight hair, I’m a huge fan of heatless hairstyles. Most of the time, doing something to my hair overnight is the only way that I can get any style to stay for a long period of time. If you feel the same, this is definitely the list for you. This list is sure to inspire some amazing new hairstyles from you, with virtually no heat at all!

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Tight Curls

hair,face,clothing,black hair,hairstyle, I come from an ethnic background, so my entire family has these gorgeous, amazing curls in their hair. I, however, got the short end of the stick (depending on how you look at it) and have absolutely pin-straight hair that couldn’t hold a curl if I wanted it to. One night, I got really sick of it and found a hack that could fix my hair curse. Simply twist small sections of your hair and pin them to your head. When you wake up, you’ll have gorgeous tight curls that last all day long!


Beach Waves

eyewear,hair,clothing,glasses,vision care, If you want beach waves but aren’t sure how to achieve the look with a curling iron, this hack will save you from hours of YouTube tutorials teaching you exactly how to twist the curling iron. Separate your hair into two sections and then twist them until they’re in little buns on the top of your head. Whether you want to run errands in the hairstyle or simply sleep on it, you’ll have perfect beach waves in a few hours!


The Side Bun

hair,hairstyle,clothing,long hair,blond, Spin pins are a gift sent from heaven above, in my opinion, especially as someone who loves heatless hairstyles. If you want your hair to look like the perfect blowout, start with straight hair. Put your hair into a side bun and secure it with a spin pin. When you take it out later in the day, you’ll have the perfect blowout most women can only dream about!


Bombshell Curls

hair,face,blond,hair coloring,beauty, For this hair DIY, simply roll sections of your hair into a perfect, little circle and then secure it with a clip. Sleep on it, and when you take it out in the morning you’ll have bombshell curls that will leave most people jealous. You’ll look like you just stepped off the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!


The Sock Bun

hair,white,clothing,hairstyle,neck, I am the sock bun’s biggest advocate and I have absolutely no regrets about it. I absolutely love the sock bun because it’s one of the few hairstyles that you can wear when you’re out doing nearly anything, but when you take it out your hair looks absolutely gorgeous. I especially love to wear it to the beach or when I’m spending the day in the sun. It keeps my hair off of my face all day, and when I’m ready to take it out to go to dinner or somewhere else, you’re left with the most beautiful look that looks like you spent all day on your hair!


The Wet Hair Sock Bun

hair,hairstyle,face,forehead,french braid, I discovered this hair hack in high school. If you want to style your hair in the morning but don’t have the time to shower in the morning, take your usual shower at night and then put your wet hair into a sock bun. The sock bun stops your hair from drying, and when you wake up you can still style your wet hair however you please!


French Braid Ponytail

hair,hairstyle,long hair,blond,brown hair, Are you looking for a hairstyle that’s intricate and turns heads without really doing anything difficult? Put your hair into a ponytail, take a chunk of your hair, braid it, and then wrap it around the entire ponytail in a slanted fashion. You’ll look like you spent hours on this hairstyle that took you a few minutes!

What’s your favorite heatless hairstyle look? Give me some ideas in the comments!

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I braid my hair .. One braid with my hair wet and I wake up with super wavy thick hair.

Yes natural hair is sexy

1 and 2 Yee has

1 is called a "Bantu knot out"

I do 1&6 all the time. Works great!

7 is a Dutch braid :) I think

Reading this article made me miss my long hair! I miss doing fun things with my hair all I could do is curl it or throw it in a ponytail

Sorry 2&6.

Yea never cut ur long hair u will miss them so much and u will keep regretting it. had really long hair at the age of sixteen and my mom convinced me to cut them becux I don't know why but almost everyone in my family had short hair and they found it unusual that I had long hair. I don't know why but my family kept telling me to cut them so I did eventually and my hair never grew back the same length. It is bin three years since that, I regret it so much. I miss my hair.

2 totally works. I usually put my hair into three sections while they are still wet & let them dry overnight

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