Faband Functional Hairstyles for Girls Who Run ...


Faband Functional Hairstyles for Girls Who Run ...
Faband Functional Hairstyles for Girls Who Run ...

You don't want your hair to fly in front of your eyes while running. You don't want it to stick to your neck and make you sweat more than you have to, either. That's why it's important to stick to a select few hairstyles that will get your hair out of the way so you can go out and play. The next time you go on a run, put your hair up into one of these hairstyles:

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Messy Ponytail

There's no reason to put your hair up into a perfect ponytail before you run. Even if you get every strand into place with bobby pins and hairspray, all of your hard work is bound to come apart while you're bouncing around. That's why you should go out with your hair already in a messy ponytail, so you don't have to worry about the style coming undone. Even if it does, it'll still look like the look you're going for.


Bun for Long Hair

If you don't mind spending a few minutes in front of your mirror before you go for your run, you'll love this style. All you need to create it is a headband, a hair clip, and a few bobby pins. It's a little elaborate for a run, but if you have super long hair and hate feeling it hit your neck and back, then you'll realize why this style is such a good idea.


Run Braid Combo

There's no chance of this hairstyle coming undone during your run. You're going to start creating this look by braiding a piece of your hair in the back. After making a few more braids and securing them together, you'll have a gorgeous ponytail that everyone will compliment you on. Whether you're ready to run or go to dance class, this is the perfect way to keep your hair out of your face.


The Double Ponytail

Skip to 1:25 to see how this Australian with an adorable accent does her hair before a run. The first hairstyle that she demonstrates is a messy braided ponytail, the second is a messy bun, and the last is a double ponytail.


Dutch 3D Braids

This is another elaborate hairstyle that works well if you're worried about your hair coming undone during your run. All you're really doing is creating a braid that's a bit more difficult than the braids you're used to making.


Workout Hairstyles

This video shows you how to create cute braided pigtails that will keep your hair out of your face. Then it will show you how to create an interesting bun that only takes a few seconds to master. After that, it'll show you how to create a ponytail that'll make your hair look full and fabulous.



If your hair is shoulder-length, this video shows you how to create four different hairstyles that you can wear during a run. The first one is a topknot, the second is a one-sided french braid, the third is a two-braided ponytail, and the last is a simple side ponytail.

If you want your neighbors to think you look fashionable during your jogs around the block, put your hair up into one of these styles. How do you usually wear your hair when you go for a run?

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Amarys. . . Go on YouTube. They have so many different techniques to teach you how to braid. Plus, the messier the braid the cuter it looks. So go for it!

This is perfect, but I don't know how to braid my hair :(((

Long hair not me what do you do then.

These videos are so obnoxious 😑

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