Hottest Styling Tips for Girls Who Can't Handle Their Bob ...


Hottest Styling Tips for Girls Who Can't Handle Their Bob ...
Hottest Styling Tips for Girls Who Can't Handle Their Bob ...

Bobs have been a haircut we’ve returned to time and time again. Our love affair with it is timeless. But once you get the cut, you may be a little confused about your styling options. These are 7 of the hottest ways to style a bob.

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Sleek and Straight is a Great Way to Showcase Your Healthy Hair

One of the many advantages of having a bob haircut is that your hair looks healthy because it’s a cut that’s easily kept in shape. It always has a fresh look you can enjoy. You can showcase this healthy look by wearing it sleek and straight. Apply your favorite hair serum, blow dry like normal and flat iron for a lovely look to enjoy all day. I wear my hair in a bob most of the time and this is my go-to style.


Tip Your Ends out for a Flirty Flair

A fun, flirty way to style your bob is to flip your ends outward. Think of how bobs were styled in the late 1960s. It’s a style that’s easy to master and looks polished and elegant. If you’re a girl who loves vintage styles then this hot hairstyle is going to be right up your alley.


Add Hot Rollers for Sex Kitten Volume

There’s something so sexy about this look. It makes me think of Marilyn Monroe because your bob can easily be at that length after setting it with hot rollers. It’s a simple style to achieve. After applying your hair products and drying your hair, place the rollers in for about 10 minutes. When you take them out, shake out your curls or arrange them into the style you desire. Teasing can give your hair even more volume if you like.


Try a Partial or Full Halo Braid or Twist

Bobs are the perfect length to wear halo braids or side twists. Braids are one of the hottest all around hairstyles right now, period. So you can’t go wrong with choosing this style. Twisting your hair to the side is also an option. This is a great way to style your hair when you’re growing out your bangs, too.


Play up Your Texture

If you’re blessed with the slightest bit of wave in your hair then you can use that to your advantage when styling your bob. Use a texturizing spray to bring your waves to life. Even if you’ve got stick straight hair, you still may be able to coax some waves with a sea salt spray or a similar product. Scrunching it when it’s damp can help encourage waves, too. A tousled hairstyle is always a hot hairstyle.


Let a Deep Side Part Show Your Sexy Side

There’s something so sexy about letting the curve of your neck show and a bob is the perfect hairstyle for that. When you part your bob into a deep side part, you’ve got that down. If you want to bump this style a little more, tuck your hair behind your ear on the side the part is on. You’ll fall in love with this look and so will everyone else that sees this look on you. Be ready to receive compliments!


Don’t Give up Your Bun

Your bun days don’t have to be over once you have a bob. They’re still doable; you just have to approach them a little differently. Go for a bun at the nape of your neck instead of a high bun. Tease your hair first to give you volume. This is a really cute look and it gives you the option to still wear your hair off your face.

These are 7 hot hairstyles for bobs. Which ones are you excited to try? How do you love to wear your bob?

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@Nia, I have a bob hairstyle with thick wavy-curly hair and it has NEVER looked better. I used to have it super Long hair and I love the bob infinitely better

I want a bob but my hair is to wavy. It will never work. Any who these bob hairstyles are gorgeous

Recently got a bob & I'm loving it❤️

@nia same here that was he prob with me but I got it anyways.

Where was this when I had a bob?

I had hair past half way down my back, and just cut it to a bob! I feel so amazing. Don't be scared, and just do it. Your hair will have a new life and will grow back. I also have the ombré look which looks fabulous with a bob cut.

I love my bob :)

If you have long hair, don't cut it! You'll instantly regret it I swear. :(

My hair is fairly long, about to the middle of my back but I have been thinking about getting a bob. Those styles look really cool.

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