Perfectly Gorgeous Braids to Keep His Eyes on You during Date Night ...

By Alison

Perfectly Gorgeous Braids to Keep His Eyes on You during Date Night ...

So you've got a big date coming up, and you've planned what you're going to wear. But what about your hair? Deciding on a style can be the trickiest part of your outfit. Should you leave it loose, tie it back or put it up? If you have longer hair, then a sophisticated braid is the perfect look for date night; try these styles, and you'll be sure to keep his eyes on you all night …

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1 High Side Braid

hair, hairstyle, face, bridal accessory, forehead, If you think that braids are childish, here's one style that shows they're also great for grown up women. This style braids the hair along the front and side of the head; this asymmetry stops the braids from looking too youthful. With the end of the braid tucked in at the back, you've got a stylish and sophisticated look that will stay in place all night.

2 Ponytail & Braids

hair, clothing, woman, girl, beauty, You might need an extra pair of hands to create this style, but it would look fantastic if you have really long hair. You need to section your hair into four, and plait the top and side sections. Then pull into a high ponytail, wrapping a section around the band, and secure with a pin.

Embrace your beauty ladies, and don't shy away from experimenting with your hair. Consider trying short hairstyles that are not only trendy but also unbelievably convenient. They add an edgy look to your personality, are super stylish, and cut down your styling time significantly. Be the trendsetter!

3 Multi Braids

hair, face, hairstyle, braid, black hair, Here's a look that's amazing for women of color. It's definitely one you'll need to get done in the salon, but if you have a really special date coming up, it's well worth the expense to look this good! The multiple braids create a super-sophisticated and elegant look that will keep your date mesmerised all night.

4 The Tuck Braid

hair, hairstyle, blond, beauty, long hair, For a fabulously elegant look, pull your hair back and style it into this gorgeous look. It's reminiscent of the 1930s, so if you like the retro look it's the one for you. Simply style your hair in a French braid, and then tuck the end under the hair. It won't take long to do, and you can easily style it yourself.

5 Fishtail Braid

hair, hairstyle, long hair, brown hair, braid, The fishtail braid seems to be everywhere these days, and for good reason; it adds a great twist to this classic look. A fishtail braid might look incredibly complicated, but it's really quite easy to do. It's good for a more casual date night, as you can leave wisps of hair out to make the style more relaxed.

6 Braided Bun

hair, hairstyle, face, bridal accessory, eyebrow, A bun is a great way to put up your hair, but it can look haphazard. Here's how to jazz up a bun and make it perfect for date night! Simply pull your hair into a ponytail, and tie. Make a section into a plait. Fix the rest of your hair into a bun, and wrap the plait around the bun.

7 Half Updo Braid

hair, clothing, hairstyle, long hair, brown hair, You can get a really cute look for your date night with a half updo braid. It's a good style if you want to style your hair but leave some of it loose. All you need to do is plait a section of your hair and fixing it at the back, with the rest of your hair staying loose. You can plait the full length of the section or only a piece at the sides - your choice!

Whatever style you pick, have a great night - and enjoy the attention!

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I have long hair but I don't no any nice stales help plz

Love braids ❤️

Sorry the "French braid" is the "tuck braid" which in now noticing is a rope braid not even a French braid lol.

Half your pictures don't match up.. The first and the "French braid" one are both Dutch crown braids. They involve parting your hair in the middle (or side) and braiding both sides. Then pinning the hair to the other side. The second one is braided all around the head, and would look like a circle on the back. It would be very cool if you matched your pictures to what your describing lol.

Also not very good with names.. box braids = multi braid? What did you even Google that didn't call them box braids? Lol.

Multi-braid all the way!!

I love braids but sadly I got short hair. Fml.

"Women of color" I don't care how many "black women" you see in box braids. Anyone can pull off any style up here if you do it right. Don't bring ethnicity into it. We are all human!

Multi braids? Those are called box braids.

Still trying to master the fishtail braid

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