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I’ve been a blonde my entire life so I’ve had lots of experience with this hair color. Whether you’re a completely natural blonde, a blonde by both nature and highlights or you’ve only become a blonde through a lot of hair processing, the tips are the same. These’re 7 things to keep your blonde hair healthy and beautiful. I hope they help you love your hair even more!

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Don’t Attempt Hair Coloring at Home

While some are successful with this, it’s easy to go wrong when you’re coloring your hair blonde at home. Achieving the right shade can be tricky at best. This’s a job best left to your stylist. All home hair coloring can go wrong but going blonde is particularly risky. Yes, it’s pricey to have your hair colored at the salon but it’s cheaper than having to pay to have it repaired after home coloring goes wrong.


Realize Chlorine Can Cause Green

Chlorine is not your friend if you’re blonde. It can cause that awful green tinge that makes us all shudder! You can avoid this by one of two ways. Either wear a swim cap or layer your hair with conditioner before you get in the pool. This places a barrier between your hair and the chlorine, stopping your hair from absorbing it.


Use an anti-brassiness Shampoo and Conditioner

Brassy blonde hair is not what any of us want. But it can happen, especially when it’s been awhile since your last color appointment. Thankfully, there’re things you can do about it. Choose a purple tinged shampoo and conditioner to help restore your hair to the cool tones you love. Two brands to try are L’Oreal EverPure Brass Banisher and Clairol Shimmer Lights.


Use a Deep Conditioner Faithfully

Blonde hair is naturally more fragile than other hair colors. This makes it more prone to damage, dryness and breakage. If you’re a blonde because you highlight or use other coloring methods then that can make it more fragile. One thing you can do to combat that is to deep condition your hair one to two times a week. Two great deep conditioners to try are Amika Nourishing Mask or one of the Aussie Three Minute Miracle treatments.


Use Caution with Heat Styling Tools

Most of us use heat styling tools. They’re amazing at helping you create beautiful hairstyles but they’re hard on your hair. It’s best to do what you can to minimize the damage from them. Use your heat styling tools at the lowest temperature you can and still achieve your hairstyle. You can also use thermal protecting products to help protect your hair. Also, give your day a day off whenever you can; days you’re in pjs watching Netflix are great days for this.


Beware of Breakage

Since blonde hair is fragile, breakage issues can be a problem. There’re some things you can do to lessen this. Treating your hair gently is number one. Comb it carefully and resist jerking your comb through tangled areas. Getting regular trims can help too, since it catches split ends early on.


Always Wear Lipstick

As a blonde with fair skin, I’m practically colorless before makeup. Adding makeup, and especially lipstick, can brighten my face up quickly. Maybe you can relate to feeling bland because your hair and skin are so close in color. Lipstick is one option but there’re others if you’re not a fan of makeup. You can also wear a colorful scarf or jewelry to achieve the same brightening effect.

These’re 7 tips for all you beautiful blondes. What’re your best tips to keep your blonde hair at it’s best? I’d love to learn from you!

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I love your brother

Yo kinga

I was a natural blonde and I always died my own hair. I just died it dark brown a month ago. As long as you have experience in hair colouring. If not go to an actual salon for hair colour. Not some cheapy first choice hair cutters since its your hair and sure it grows out, but like it takes 6 months.

Before you use any purple shampoo/conditioner cut a lemon in half, squirt it on damp hair before you shampoo, it will brighten your blonde and make your purple shampoo/conditioner work so much better!!

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