Here's Why Galaxy Hair is the Hot New Trend ...


Here's Why Galaxy Hair is the Hot New Trend ...
Here's Why Galaxy Hair is the Hot New Trend ...

Chances are, you've seen galaxy hair, but didn't know it - it's hair that's dyed blue and purple and it's just out of this world! Here are a few examples to show you why it's so hot right now, and possibly to inspire you to try the trend.

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Purple Hair, Don't Care

hair,human hair color,color,pink,purple, Source: Best Galaxy Hair Dye Set

I love how it's darker at the roots and lighter at the ends!


So Many Purples!

hair,human hair color,face,black hair,purple, Source: Stunning Purple Hair Trend for


Galaxy hair is a unique and bold color trend that has been gaining popularity among women. It usually involves a combination of two or more colors, such as pink, purple, blue, and green, to create a vibrant and cosmic look. The colors are often blended together to create a gradient effect, or they can be used separately to create a more distinct look. The possibilities are truly endless, and the end result is always stunning. Galaxy hair is a great way to express your individuality and stand out from the crowd.


Brilliant Blue Braid

color,purple,blue,clothing,violet, Source: - Bringing You the


Only the Ends

hair,color,purple,blue,pink, Source: 101 Real Girls Who Dare


So Colorful!

hair,color,human hair color,purple,pink, Source: Summer Hair Dye by Clarissa


Katy's Colors

hair,color,face,clothing,blue, Source: Long Wavy Purple Ombre Hair


And Makeup to Match

hair,color,purple,face,blue, Source: Incredible makeup artist


Three Colors

hair,color,purple,hair coloring,hairstyle, Source: Brazilian Hair 100% Virgin Human


Purple, Blue & Green

hair,color,black hair,clothing,red, Source: Get lost in some eyes


More Color at the Ends

hair,color,purple,blue,hair coloring, Source: sparrowsprite: - FY Hair Colors


Def Photoshopped but I Love This Color!

hair,color,blue,face,clothing, Source:


All Twisted

hair,color,blue,hairstyle,beauty, Source:


So Purple!

hair,purple,clothing,hair coloring,black hair, Source: 15 Fantastic Purple Hairstyles


Don't Forget to Color Your Brows!

hair,human hair color,face,black hair,hair coloring, Source: Best Galaxy Hair Dye Set


Blue and Purple

hair,human hair color,black hair,face,hair coloring, Source: Fuck Yeah, Dyed Hair!



hair,hairstyle,face,clothing,blond, Source:


Mint and Purple

hair,clothing,blue,purple,fashion accessory, Source: 10 Tips to Keep Bight


Just Gorgeous!

hair,human hair color,color,blue,purple, Source:


Dip-Dyed and so Pretty!

white,blue,clothing,sleeve,fashion accessory, Source: How to Dye Your Hair


Love Her Style, Too!

hair,face,clothing,hairstyle,black hair, Source: 20 Elegant Hairstyles Binding Tradition


Natural Curls

hair,purple,hairstyle,violet,pink, Source: Pinterest


Pure Purple & Pink Power

hair,human hair color,color,blue,clothing, Source: Pinterest


Short and Sweet and Stellar!

hair,color,face,clothing,blue, Source: Pinterest

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These are so pretty, I have burgandy with natural blonde strip !

I wish you wouldn't use photoshopped photos. There's so many non photoshopped photos of gorgeous colored hair. Also not Katy Perry, photoshopped Lauren conrad of the beauty department.

No way natural color all the way

I've always wanted this kind of hair

I love these. Wish I had my purple hair back. Lol

Not for me,I like looking at it though but I love my natural hair colour

I love this! Plus blue and purple are my two fav colors!

I shared this on Facebook - I got a friend who's always dying her hair like this

Tbh im not a fan of this new trend

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