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Here's Why Galaxy Hair is the Hot New Trend ...

By Jennifer

Chances are, you've seen galaxy hair, but didn't know it - it's hair that's dyed blue and purple and it's just out of this world! Here are a few examples to show you why it's so hot right now, and possibly to inspire you to try the trend.

1 Purple Hair, Don't Care

hair,human hair color,color,pink,purple,Source: Best Galaxy Hair Dye Set

I love how it's darker at the roots and lighter at the ends!

2 So Many Purples!

hair,human hair color,face,black hair,purple,Source: Stunning Purple Hair Trend for

3 Brilliant Blue Braid

color,purple,blue,clothing,violet,Source: - Bringing You the

4 Only the Ends

hair,color,purple,blue,pink,Source: 101 Real Girls Who Dare

5 So Colorful!

hair,color,human hair color,purple,pink,Source: Summer Hair Dye by Clarissa

6 Katy's Colors

hair,color,face,clothing,blue,Source: Long Wavy Purple Ombre Hair

7 And Makeup to Match

hair,color,purple,face,blue,Source: Incredible makeup artist

8 Three Colors

hair,color,purple,hair coloring,hairstyle,Source: Brazilian Hair 100% Virgin Human

9 Purple, Blue & Green

hair,color,black hair,clothing,red,Source: Get lost in some eyes

10 More Color at the Ends

hair,color,purple,blue,hair coloring,Source: sparrowsprite: - FY Hair Colors

11 Def Photoshopped but I Love This Color!


12 All Twisted


13 So Purple!

hair,purple,clothing,hair coloring,black hair,Source: 15 Fantastic Purple Hairstyles

14 Don't Forget to Color Your Brows!

hair,human hair color,face,black hair,hair coloring,Source: Best Galaxy Hair Dye Set

15 Blue and Purple

hair,human hair color,black hair,face,hair coloring,Source: Fuck Yeah, Dyed Hair!

16 Pastels


17 Mint and Purple

hair,clothing,blue,purple,fashion accessory,Source: 10 Tips to Keep Bight

18 Just Gorgeous!

hair,human hair color,color,blue,purple,Source:

19 Dip-Dyed and so Pretty!

white,blue,clothing,sleeve,fashion accessory,Source: How to Dye Your Hair

20 Love Her Style, Too!

hair,face,clothing,hairstyle,black hair,Source: 20 Elegant Hairstyles Binding Tradition

21 Natural Curls

hair,purple,hairstyle,violet,pink,Source: Pinterest

22 Pure Purple & Pink Power

hair,human hair color,color,blue,clothing,Source: Pinterest

23 Short and Sweet and Stellar!

hair,color,face,clothing,blue,Source: Pinterest

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