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21 Killer Bangs That Will Keep Your Updos Looking Adorable ...

By Eliza

I've got to tell you: I love bangs because I have a bigish forehead and they minimize its largeness. Bangs are also great for hiding acne or a shiny forehead. If you want to rock your bangs, you should never be afraid to let them hang, whether your hair is down or up. Don't believe me? Check out these killer gangs paired with a fab updo and you'll be a convert in no time.

Table of contents:

  1. Straight fringe
  2. With a fab top knot
  3. Adorable ponytail
  4. Totally retro and swept to the side
  5. Long pieces hanging down
  6. Bangs to the side
  7. Heaadband braid
  8. Teased updo with side bangs
  9. Add a flower
  10. Long bangs
  11. Try something funky
  12. Tie on a bandana
  13. Loose and tousled
  14. High ponytail
  15. Side braid
  16. Wispy bangs
  17. With a low ponytail
  18. Polished in front, tousled in back
  19. Add an edgy headband
  20. Loose and sexy
  21. Half up with bangs

1 Straight Fringe

2 With a Fab Top Knot

3 Adorable Ponytail

4 Totally Retro and Swept to the Side

5 Long Pieces Hanging down

6 Bangs to the Side

7 Heaadband Braid

8 Teased Updo with Side Bangs

9 Add a Flower

10 Long Bangs

11 Try Something Funky

12 Tie on a Bandana

13 Loose and Tousled

14 High Ponytail

15 Side Braid

16 Wispy Bangs

17 With a Low Ponytail

18 Polished in Front, Tousled in Back

19 Add an Edgy Headband

20 Loose and Sexy

21 Half up with Bangs

Do you have bangs? Which of these styles would you love to try?

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