Consider These 26 Cute Cuts when You Want to Change Your Hair ...

By Teresa

When you're looking for a new haircut, it can be hard to find a cut that fits exactly what you're looking for. With this list, though you'll have endless inspiration to show your stylist the next time you go in for a haircut!

Table of contents:

  1. flirty cut
  2. lose some weight
  3. voluminous bob
  4. edgy pixie cut
  5. an extra long bob
  6. wavy bob
  7. shoulder length ombre hair
  8. super short bob
  9. medium hair
  10. curly lob
  11. choppy with layers
  12. pastel layered bob
  13. inverted bob
  14. lob with side swept bangs
  15. messy bangs
  16. long bangs
  17. this cute bob
  18. mid-length style
  19. grunge bob
  20. blunt lob
  21. half shaved off
  22. boldly short
  23. patterned undercut
  24. short and curly
  25. perfectly styled lob
  26. tons of layers

1 Flirty Cut

You can have layers even if you have a bob! This bob is proof!

2 Lose Some Weight

If your hair is starting to feel heavy and lifeless, cut some layers. It will give your hair new life!

3 Voluminous Bob

This voluminous bob is absolutely magnificent!

4 Edgy Pixie Cut

If you're going for a pixie cut, go for something edgy like this!

5 An Extra Long Bob

"Lobs" are in right now, and this extra long bob is definitely one to try out if you're not ready to transition to a full bob yet!

6 Wavy Bob

A wavy bob like this adds texture to your hair with almost no effort at all!

7 Shoulder Length Ombre Hair

If you're not ready to completely chop your hair off yet but you want a change, try an ombré lob. You're probably going to chop the hair off soon anyway!

8 Super Short Bob

I'm pretty sure that this bob is as close as it gets to a pixie cut and bob hybrid, and I'm obsessed!

9 Medium Hair

If you have super long hair but are ready for a change, try a length like this! It's so in style right now!

10 Curly Lob

I love this curly lob with blonde highlights! It's stunning!

11 Choppy with Layers

This is so edgy and easy to wear!

12 Pastel Layered Bob

That color is so stunning!

13 Inverted Bob

Try an inverted bob to stray from the crowd!

14 Lob with Side Swept Bangs

Isn't this just adorable?!

15 Messy Bangs

These messy bangs will catch everyone's attention!

16 Long Bangs

Trying to grow out your bangs? Try this look!

17 This Cute Bob

I'm so obsessed! Aren't you?

18 Mid-Length Style

This mid-length bob is so chic but versatile!

19 Grunge Bob

Want to add a little edge to your bob? Dye your hair blue!

20 Blunt Lob

This blunt lob is such a trendy look this year!

21 Half Shaved off

This is edgy yet feminine.

22 Boldly Short

This one is not for the meek.

23 Patterned Undercut

Imagine how creative one can get with this look.

24 Short and Curly

So chic!

25 Perfectly Styled Lob

This simple lob is so perfectly styled yet looks effortless!

26 Tons of Layers

If you're looking for a change, try something like a ton of layers to achieve this look!

What's your favorite cut? Will you try any of these out for yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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