These Easy Holiday Hairstyles Are Everything You've Ever Wanted ...


These Easy Holiday Hairstyles Are Everything You've Ever Wanted  ...
These Easy Holiday Hairstyles Are Everything You've Ever Wanted  ...

Am I the only one who gets a little bit overwhelmed by holiday hairstyles? Usually, I’m in a rush to go celebrate with family and friends, so I don’t have time to put together an intricate style, but I’m also seeing people I don’t see often, so I want my hair to look great. If you’re often met with the same dilemma, these easy holiday hairstyle tutorials are sure to help you achieve the best holiday hair days of your life!

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My Life as Eva’s Holiday Heatless Styles

I’ve been coming back to this video this holiday season for one very one important reason. I love holiday party styles as much as the next girl, but the holidays aren’t just about partying. You probably have exams, stressful nights studying, and a million different things in between. Eva has your hair covered for literally anything that the holiday season will throw at you!


Bethany Mota’s Heatless Holiday Curls

Bethany Mota’s heatless holiday curls is one of my favorite hair tutorials of all-time. I love heatless hairstyles, and this one is unique and definitely does not disappoint. I expected the hair tutorial to be sock bun curls or the headband method, but this unique way gives you the tightest and prettiest curls ever, which is perfect for the holidays!


Thalita Make’s Hairstyles for Medium and Long Hair

I love how many hairstyles Thalita offers in this video! How often do you get 6 hairstyles out of just some curls and braids? They look so difficult but they’re actually really easy and look like you spent a ton of time on your hair!


Abby Smith’s Simple Holiday Updo

Do you have a big holiday party or dance coming up and don’t know where to start with your hair? Try this hairstyle on for size. It’s sophisticated, fairly simple, and it will like you went to a salon to get it done! Seriously, if you’re looking for an updo for a big night this holiday season, this is a great one to go with!


Bebexo’s Holiday Braided Updo Hairstyle

Don’t you love this braided updo? I love how the braids almost look like a crown around your face. It’s so gorgeous! It’s a little less fancy than the last updo, which means that you can wear this to any holiday event you have going on this winter! This look is so simple but absolutely gorgeous!


Brianna Fox’s Holiday Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

If you’re a hair extensions girl, you probably find that finding hair tutorials that hide your extensions well is nearly impossible. If you’re looking for a video tutorial that features hair extensions, this video has got you covered. You’ll be so impressed with her hair tutorials, and you’ll have a ton of new ideas!


Kayley Melissa’s Short Holiday Hairstyles

When I had short hair, I hated doing my hair. I could never find any hairstyles that were easy to style or that I absolutely loved. My prayers would’ve been answered if I had seen this video! If you’re a girl with short hair who’s looking for short hair holiday hairstyles, you really can’t go wrong with this video of fun and easy hairstyles!

What’s your favorite video from this list? Will you try any of these out this winter? Let me know in the comments!

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I am scared to open the video and not get back to the article. Love that alot require no heat 😍💋😘

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