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Wear These 22 Sexy Low Updos for Any Event ...

By Jennifer

I'm *trying* to grow out my hair right now, so I'm way into low-maintenance, basic (but still sexy) low updos. If you're looking for a way to class it up on the down-low (get it?), read on... here are a few low updos to try for your next date or special event.

1 Boho Side Bun

Boho Side BunSource: Easy Messy Bun Updos Tutorial

2 The Marie Claire Messy Bun

The Marie Claire Messy BunSource: The Messy Bun Hairstyle


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3 2-minute Braided Bun

2-minute Braided BunSource: 11 Summer Hair Buns

4 Criss-Cross Low Bun

Criss-Cross Low BunSource: Top 10 Super-Fast Hairstyles To

5 Easy-Peasy Chignon

Easy-Peasy ChignonSource: 7 Rainy Day Hairstyles

6 The 5-minute Updo

The 5-minute UpdoSource: Top 10 Super Easy 5-Minute

7 For Mid-length Hair

For Mid-length HairSource: Fashionable Braid Hairstyle for Shoulder

8 The Low Knot

The Low KnotSource: DIY Low Knot DIY Wedding

9 Round Bun

Round BunSource: Easy but Gorgeous Hairstyles for

10 The Top Half

The Top HalfSource: Hair and Make-up by Steph

11 Totally Twisted

Totally TwistedSource: 12 Short Updo Hairstyles Ideas

12 Even More Twisted

Even More TwistedSource: wadami0112 on Instagram: “昨日UPさせて頂いたアレンジのプロセスです(*^^*) ブロッキングはこのような感じです。

13 The Perfect Low Bun

The Perfect Low BunSource: 17 Hairstyles To Help You

14 Curl First

Curl FirstSource: 12 Trendy Low Bun Updo

15 6 Simple Steps

6 Simple StepsSource: 12 Trendy Low Bun Updo

16 Low Rolled Updo

Low Rolled UpdoSource: 17 Fast and Super Creative

17 Another Low Rolled Updo

Another Low Rolled UpdoSource: 25 Tipps und Tricks für

18 Messy Low Bun

Messy Low BunSource: 15 Cute hairstyles: Step-by-Step Hairstyles

19 Wispy Braid & Low Bun

Wispy Braid & Low BunSource: Missy Sue Beauty & Style

20 How to Nail an Updo with Just 2 Bobby Pins

How to Nail an Updo with Just 2 Bobby PinsSource: 21 Second-Day Hairstyle Tutorials

21 Pony, Pull through, & Pin

Pony, Pull through, & PinSource: How To Get Summer's 27

22 Yet Another Perfect Low Bun

Yet Another Perfect Low BunSource: How To: The Perfect Low

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