The Best Hairstyles to Wear While Snow is Falling ...


The Best Hairstyles to Wear While Snow is Falling ...
The Best Hairstyles to Wear While Snow is Falling ...

You want to do something a little different with your hair when snow is falling. Hair is always a little different when the seasons change. In the fall and winter ❄, static can be an issue as well as dryness from dry indoor air and harsh outdoor weather. Besides, it’s a normal girl thing to want to change things up! These’re some ideas to inspire you!

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Loose Curls

There’s a lot to love about loose curls. They’re the style of curl that’s most popular right now. Forget tight ringlets! Soft curls are the way to go and you can easily achieve them by turning down the heat on your curling iron or sizing up to a bigger curling iron. Another thing to love about this hairstyle is that you can fit a winter hat 👒 on easily without ruining your hair style.


A Top Knot

When your hair is driving you crazy from the static then this’s the option you want. It’s an easy way to get your hair up, up and away and still look sophisticated. You can create this look by winding your hair into a bun and securing it or putting your hair in a ponytail then twisting your hair around the rubber band and securing it. Both produce the same result. A tight, smooth topknot is all the rage this season.


The Lob

So, I just got the lob, my best friend just got the lob and my sister just got the lob. This cut is really in. It’s a longer version of a bob, hence the name‘lob’. It’s usually shoulder grazing length or ends right around your collarbone. It’s a great cut for almost any hair type.


Side Twist or Braid

I’m growing my bangs out and when they’re driving me particularly crazy, this’s the style I go for. Not only does it get my bangs out of my way, it’s super stylish. You can do this with short bangs, in the midst of when you’re growing your bangs out or if your hair is all one length. Another great thing to love about this hairstyle is that it makes the rest of your hair look pumped with volume. You can secure it with regular bobby pins or bobby pins with some bling, which is my favorite!


Textured Waves

This may be the most popular style of the season. It’s so very simple to achieve. Simply spray some sea salt spray into damp hair and scrunch. This’s a no fuss style that takes very little work. It’s perfect for snow days when you’re hanging out at home and don’t want to put a lot of effort into styling your hair.


The Polished Pony

Ponytails are something we all resort to at some point. But your pony doesn’t have to look boring. Polish it up by keeping a strand out to wrap around the rubber band to hide it away. You could even braid your hair at the top down into a side pony. There’s also the option of adding some curls to your ponytail to glam it up a bit.


Add Some Glitzy Accessories

What better time to wear glitzy accessories? Holidays make glitzy accessories very appropriate. It’s the perfect time to add them in. They pair perfectly with red lipstick and nails. Add your little black dress and you’re set for any party this season!


A Cute Side Ponytail

A traditional ponytail is great, but if you really want to glam things up, do a side ponytail instead. The trick here is to keep the look a bit messy so that it doesn't require too much product or upkeep when the snow is falling. Tie a ribbon around your side ponytail and you're set for anything.


Partial Top Knot

If you don't want to tie all of your hair up in a top knot, a half top knot is perfect. Pull up the top part of your hair and wrap it up, securing it with a cute bobby pin. You can add a braid leading toward the top knot, either from the top or bottom to add some glamour to your new winter look.


A Low Bun

This look isn't just a look for a librarian. A bun is really cute and if done correctly, will keep your hair in place when the snow is falling and give you a look that will get loads of compliments. The trick is not to pull the bun back too tightly or too severely. Keep it loose with some pieces falling out. Adorable!

These’re 10 gorgeous styles to try when snow is falling. What’s your favorite winter hairstyle? I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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I love to style my hair in loose waves and texturized waves it's SO and best of all SO easy to do. That's what I go for. Quick and stylish hair because I'm a mommy . Quick get ready routine most of the times

My forehead is too big for ponytails and buns LMAO also, having my hair up gives me an immediate headache even if it's not tight, so annoying. Great tips though!!

Boy i wish snow was falling in virginia:(((

*It's SO cute and best of all SO easy .....

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