Proof That Short Haired Ladies Can Rock Ombre Hair Too ...


Proof That Short Haired Ladies Can Rock Ombre Hair Too ...
Proof That Short Haired Ladies Can Rock Ombre Hair Too ...

Ombre is a look that sort of fades the color from dark to light. It has blown up over the last couple of years and women are rocking it all over the place. You're probably used to seeing it on long haired girls, but short haired gals can also rock the ombre trend. Don't believe me? Check this out!

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Swept to the Side

Swept to the Side Who wouldn't love ombre hair like this?


Awesome Light on the Ends

Awesome Light on the Ends This is about the most perfect way to pull off ombre hair that I've ever seen.


Subtle Ombre

Subtle Ombre This ombre isn't totally obvious, but it still looks fabulous!


A whisper of gradient from roots to tips gives a luxurious depth that enhances your hair's natural beauty. It's perfect for the woman who wants a hint of sophistication without a bold statement. The subtle ombre works wonderfully on shorter styles, adding dimension and movement. It's like a gentle nudge towards daring without going overboard. Whether you’re in a corporate setting or out for a casual brunch, this understated look whispers chic and trendy in the softest tones.


Really Obvious

Really Obvious On the other hand, this severe ombre looks pretty awesome too!


Ombre Waves

Ombre Waves Do you love this as much as I do?


Perfect Shoulder Length Hair

Perfect Shoulder Length Hair Shoulder length hair is just as perfect for the ombre look as longer hair is.


Keeping It Casual

Keeping It Casual Ombre hair is great for casual looks so you can pull it off any day of the week.


Really Dark on Top

Really Dark on Top I love the deep contrast of this ombre look.


Short hair can be just as stylish as long hair when it comes to ombre hair color. This look is a great way to add dimension and depth to your look without having to commit to a full color. The Really Dark on Top look is a great example of how to rock ombre on short hair.

This look starts with a very dark base color at the roots, and gradually gets lighter towards the tips. The contrast between the dark and light colors creates a stunning effect that is sure to turn heads. To achieve this look, start with a dark color at the roots and gradually lighten the color as you move towards the ends. You can also add some highlights for an even more dramatic effect.

When styling this look, keep the length and texture of your hair in mind. If you have short hair, you can use a curling wand to create soft waves and add volume. If your hair is longer, you can use a flat iron to create sleek and straight styles. You can also use products like mousse and hairspray to help keep your style in place.


Long Bob

Long Bob Don't you love this ombre on a long bob?


More Light than Dark

More Light than Dark Do you like ombre with more light like this or more dark?


Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves What's not to love about this fabulous look?


For a Night out

For a Night out This is one look that Miley Cyrus gets just right.


Pink Ombre

Pink Ombre Who says ombre can't be a fun color like this awesome pink?


Black to Blonde

Black to Blonde If you're really serious about ombre, do it like this.


Totally Feminine

Totally Feminine I love how girly this ombre hair is. Cute!


Brown to Pink

Brown to Pink Isn't this fabulous? Would you try it?


All Glammed up

All Glammed up Perfect for a night out!

Do you like the ombre hair look? Which of these is your favorite?

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