Ochre Hair and Other Ideas to Jazz Your Locks up ...


Ochre Hair and Other Ideas to Jazz Your Locks up ...
Ochre Hair and Other Ideas to Jazz Your Locks up ...

Isn't hair so cool!? What else can you change and color and play with and start over with endlessly? Because if you don't like what you do to your hair, you know that it will grow out, or you can cut it – so why not have some fun with it? From Ochre hair to using complimentary colors that emphasize your gorgeous looks, try some of these ideas to rock a new 'do!

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Ochre Hair

This is a new one for me but I've recently discovered the technique of Ochre hair which is made with a natural clay based pigment that gives a gorgeous reddish brown color and can be darkened by heating the pigment. It's not technically dying your hair (as it's seen more as staining) but this ancient technique is going to give you a pretty color and protect it from UV rays.


Ochre hair, hailing from ancient practices, is making a comeback as more individuals seek natural, eco-friendly hair care options. This method not only allows your locks to bask in its earthy tones but also acts as a natural conditioner. The iron oxide in the clay enhances hair strength and provides a subtle, yet stunning sheen. Plus, it's a fantastic choice for those with sensitive scalps, as it's free from harsh chemicals typically found in conventional dyes. Embrace this age-old secret and watch your hair flourish under the sun's embrace, naturally shielded from the harsh elements.



I love highlights! I'm pretty sure I've made that clear over time! They're lighter than your base hair color, and can be in any color – as long as it's lighter. They are really pretty, and although a lot of people get them in blond, like say, there are tons of other shades from which you can choose. If you have really dark brown hair, for instance, then a light, coppery shade of red can look gorgeous.



Lowlights, of course, are thus darker than your base color. My current base color is this shade you might as well call so-dark-brown-it-is-practically-black (that's not what it said on the box, though), and I can't easily get much darker than that – but lots of other people can! Blond, light brown, and certain shades of red make a great base for darker shades of lowlights.


Mixing Colors

And who says you have to get just one shade? You can get all kinds of different colors, you can mix lowlights and highlights. You can get entire the entire spectrum of blond, brown, or red – or shades of all three. That can look really pretty, especially if you get a stylish who really knows how to blend and mix colors well.


Wild Colors

There are lots of salons now claiming that they're seeing a lot of wild trends, especially where wild colors are concerned. People are getting their under-layers dyed in really crazy colors. A lot of them go for dark purple or pink, but it's not uncommon to see orange, green, or blue either – and no, these are not just teenagers! Women of all ages are doing it, and guys are too, for that matter. When you get it done underneath, it's easier to hide while you're at work.


Chunks Streaks

Streaks are like highlights but different because they usually are just blond. However, they don't have to be. Either way, getting them put into your hair in chunky sections is another way to really jazz up your hair color. Chunks actually look really amazing, and they can be placed in really inventive patterns.


High Drama

There are a lot of dramatic ways to color your hair – like getting a really bright, crazy color put in underneath. However, you could also color just your bangs or you could, like some ladies, actually shave the sides of your head into animal print patterns, then color that inventively. Or not – the point is, there are tons of ways to get dramatic with hair color.


Complementary Colors

You can also really blend your hair colors, which can create such a great look. If you're a brunette, for instance, red highlights or lowlights will look fantastic. Blond and brown are also complementary shades, and you can try that ochre look with this combination of complementary colors.

Clearly, there are lots of ways to do more with your hair color. A lot of these, you can also do on your own, at home. What do you like to do when you color your hair? Are you going to go try Ochre hair now that you know about it?

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