7 Hair Styles to Make You Look Younger ...


7 Hair Styles to Make You Look Younger ...
7 Hair Styles to Make You Look Younger ...

We all want to stay young and beautiful for as long as possible. We can’t stop the clock or turn back time, but we can take steps to fight the effects of aging and keep a youthful look. One of the fastest ways to shave off years from your appearance is by changing your hair styles. By getting a new flattering hair cut or styling your hair differently, you could look ten years younger in an instant. When you head to the salon, be prepared to describe the look you want so your stylist can help you achieve it. If you need a little help with choosing the right cut, here are 7 hair styles to make you look younger.

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The Choppy Bob

The Choppy Bob Photo Credit: Cate Catanzaro

Stylists have been telling us for years that a short bob was the perfect cut to look younger. Today’s hot look is a choppy version of the traditional bob. It will give you an edge that shaves years off your appearance and the shorter length will draw attention to your eyes.


Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs Photo Credit: woe, is sabrina

The days of straight cut bangs are long gone and today’s beauties are going for the side swept look. If you are trying to look younger, consider adding bangs that sweep gently to the side to hide any laugh lines or wrinkles that might appear on your forehead. By choosing the softer side swept version, you will play up the natural angles of your cheekbones.


Effortless Waves

Effortless Waves Photo Credit: Pipay

Celebrities know that soft waves are the perfect way to look younger in an instant. Instead of going with structured curls or harsh straight locks, choose a natural wavy style. This style gives a laid back effortless beauty that complements women of all ages.


Long Layers

Long Layers Photo Credit: AllAboutUs

If you love your long hair, you don’t have to chop it off when you get older. The key is making sure that length doesn’t drag down your face and leave you looking tired or saggy. To add constant volume to your style, ask your stylist to cut long layers that will frame your face and add some texture to your length.


It’s All about Movement

It’s All about Movement Photo Credit: ღ кenneɗყ

Whether you choose long layers, effortless waves, or a choppy bob, there is one common theme among all of these styles. They all include lots of movement instead of being stiff or too structured. Don’t fall into the trap of hair styles that don’t move when you do. Go for a cut that has lots of texture and movement.


Go Longer in the Front

Go Longer in the Front Image Source: iiruz Dragonfly

Varying the length of your hair can change the look of your face in an instant. If your hair falls right along the lip line, it can make your neck appear saggy and cause the slightest double chin to seem prominent. Instead, go for the short length in the back, but ask your stylist to taper it where the front is a bit longer so it reaches your chin. This adds a little drama and will lengthen your face, rather than making it look round or full.


Try the Side Braid

Try the Side Braid Photo Credit: phylicia

No time for a hair cut? There’s not need to worry. Try adding a fun new style to your current hair cut by incorporating a braid. If your hair is long enough, do a loose braid starting at the middle of your head and moving gradually to the side. The side braid is a playful variation that will take years off your look.

By using any of these easy style tips, you can shave years off your look instantly. Enjoy a beautiful youthful look at any age by incorporating these 7 hairstyles to make you look younger. Which hairstyle is your favorite? Do you have any hair tricks that make you look younger?

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